Friday, May 29, 2015

When life hands you lemons ... make lemonade ice cream! Its been a week of brain freezes for sure. And in the end, I learned an important lesson that I sometimes forget.

I am horrible at saving money, Ill be the first to admit that. But now that I'm earning enough to be able to save, I've been trying to put money aside in case of an emergency. Ive never before made enough where I had leftover for savings. Since I moved here with basically a couch (I didn't have a bed, or other furniture - I mainly brought personal items and clothes), I spent a lot of money making my house a home - and I'm so glad I did! And yes, I treated myself to some fancy Kate Spade purses...and I'm not going to apologize for spending money on that. 

So last week I was thrilled when I had more money in my savings account than ever before! I was going to apply for a credit card. I had worked hard all year to get my finances in order - pay all my bills early, when able, and save some along the way. I had gotten denied the year before, but surely after a year of being a financially responsible adult, a credit card should be given to me. WRONG! I got denied again! I called the bank upset that I had once again not qualified for a credit card. The financial advisor directed me to a website where I could run my credit. He told me the score the website gave me was pretty bad and instructed me to scroll down the page to see where the problem was. As it turns out, I had debts that had gone to collections from as far as 7 years back...from right after I moved to the States! I got off the phone with the bank and just broke down crying. After working so hard for a year, I probably only ruined my score more since another year had gone by without me paying these debts I didn't even know I had. They totaled almost $2,000!!

When I first moved here and started paying bills here, I wasn't aware of the ramifications of not paying bills on time. It literally takes years to work this off, and get my credit score up to a decent number. I right away made a plan to pay off the debts I owe. The night I found out and next day, I paid off 5 of the 7 debts! It made me realize that I am so blessed and fortunate to be able to pay them. I could have easily been in the same position as last year where I didn't have enough to pay it back.

All my debts will be paid by June 15th and I will finally be able to restore my credit. I am feeling super lucky, that even though my bank account has been completely drained of my emergency savings, I was able to pay off as much as I did. I love when I find the positive in something...even though this one was a tough one :) Its hard to find the silver lining - but SO worth it!!

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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  1. So goes life, but you've come up with a plan and you're fixing it. So proud and happy for you!