Wednesday, August 8, 2012

. workout Wednesday .

I have been so crazy busy with work that I have not yet had time to do groceries or make healthy meals in a while. This kinda has worked out in my favor...that and being on my feet walking all day long has also helped. I saw a number on the scale that I haven't seen in a while...drum roll please :)


I'm so excited to be seeing the number go down since I started. I got off to a slow start, but I think I might be on a roll now. I'm stoked!!!

Hopefully soon I'll get my stuff together and upload some before and after pictures!

xoxo E

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

. soon i'll be covered in... .

Yep...I'm having ink fever :) again! I would love to get more tattoos (no worries mom, I won't go crazy and be covered!)

I'm heading to Virginia this weekend for a birthday party, a going away party...and a tattoo appointment!! I'm sure a lot of people think I'm nuts for getting this tattoo, and that's ok. Everyone is entitled to their oppinions and I respect them, but this tattoo is for me and for me alone.

This is a stamp of Izzie's paw. I'm getting this tattooed on the top of my right foot. I have had Izzie since she was 6 weeks old and she has been with me thru a lot and I want to never forget what we went thru (maybe someday on the blog I'll talk about it, but for right now it's between Izzie and I). She is there for me when I'm sad, lonely, happy, you name it, she's with me. Like the blog title say's, right now its just Izzie and me! I love this dog like nothing else...its insane really :)

Then after that one, I have a few more tattoos planned. In no particular order:
this one

{ This was taken right after the bandage was taken off..I should update this picture no?? :) }

will be extended to look like this:

I'm pretty sure this will cover up most of my back. I really want someone to draw this on me in pen so I can see what it looks like when it's all done that way if I don't like it I don't waste a tattoo artist's time by having to draw it up and me not liking it. I'll have to find someone who can draw...

I have a tattoo on my ribs that says: "Each day is a gift, not a given right". Its a quote from a Nickelback song and I absolutely love the quote but I'm not sure about the lettering, I also don't want to cover any of my tattoos up. They were all done at a specific time in my life. So instead of covering it up I'm thinking about putting either a tree with no leaves on it with the quote in there or a cherry blossom tree, like so:

to go around my quote that is this..capeesh??

{ this tattoo is a lot smaller then this, it covers a little bit of my ribs, so it would be as big as the picture above }

Next up: a thigh tattoo. I've wante one for a while now and I was playing around with the idea of a peacock, but that doens't really have any meaning to me. So I came up with the idea of getting my mom, dad, Lynne and my birth flowers on my left thigh...there is nothing more important then family an this will be a pretty, colorful way to pay tribute to that. And when I have children, I would like their birth flowers added on my right thigh.

And the last one I really really want, and will probably be my next one. A tattoo on the inside of my arm that will say:

And because I don't want it to be just the writing, I may add this to it:

I would like just the birdcage, not the chandelier. I think the bird in the cage represents quitting before something good happens and therefor staying in your cage. I can't wait to get this...I've always wanted a tattoo on my inner arm.

Basically my tattoo artist is going to be making bank on me, and my body will be covered in more art. I love tattoos and what they represent to me and I'm hoping that in this day and age no one will judge me on my ink and not my personality!

What is your oppinion on tattoos?

xoxo E

Monday, August 6, 2012

. updatie .

once again, I took a little unplanned bloggie break! I'm back though, I have some blog updates planned for this week and I'm excited to get back into the groove :)

I got a new job a few weeks ago...basically when I stopped blogging. Here is a little back story. So basically I had a job interview at an agricultural transport company for a position as an accounting assistant. I got a call back for a second interview and it was between me and another girl. I thought I did really well, and I NEEDED this job, I had to get away from McDonald's, that job really was a temporary solution to a financial problmems. I got a call saying I did not get the job. I was pretty devastated to be honest and didn't quite understand what His plan was, I mean surely I don't have to work at McDonald's for a lot longer...right?

Well I talked to my aunt who told me the quote I put online here earlier, "Don't quit before the miracle". That day my neighbor came up to me and told me that this cute coffee shop downtown was hiring...its like a family style panera/starbucks mix with amazing sandwiches, soups, bakery items and coffee drinks. It's called "The upper crust" and I've been going there since my freshman year. So I went there right away, and filled out the application. These 2 girls that worked there asked about my experience and availability and the girl behind the counter told me I would get a call the next day. So I left and went to get some groceries, and I had left there maybe 20 minutes and I got a call!! They asked me to come in for an interview the next day!! So I went in the next day and met with the owner, Jim, and I thought it went really well. I went in on  Monday morning to see if I got the job or not, and the girl behind the counter went back, came out again and said "ok, you work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11-3pm", I was shocked and so excited! So I worked all that week at the Upper Crust and at McDonalds, and it got pretty hectic and busy! The week after that was even worse, working 16 hours on Monday and 11 hours the rest of the week! I'm so happy that I have found a job where I feel at home, people are nice to me and I love the girls I work with.

I'm leaving for VA again this Thursday so lots of pictures shall be posted next week. I'll also be getting more ink which I am estatic's about time! I think I have 6 new tattoos planned...this is a tiny financial problem that we shall discuss later, yes :)

How have you been? I really missed blogging but this time I'm going to keep my word and I'm back!

xoxo E