Thursday, September 13, 2012

. feeling neglected? .

I would! I haven't written a post in a month...A MONTH!! I thought I was making a comeback appearently a month ago, and then things life happened { 10 points if you can tell me what movie that's from :) }

Lets break my life down in catagories shall we, there is school, work, and animals :)
Yea you heard that right, no social life!

School started at the end of August. I had to work a 7 hour shift first before my first class and I was so darn nervous! If you know me, you know I talk an obnoxious amount...well I was so nervous that I could not stop talking!! Both my bosses had to tell me to shut up { which is not a good thing, haha }. It was so weird to be back on campus and it seemed like I had never been to school there, like it was all a dream. I don't know, it was a weird feeling.
My first class went great, its funny because literally everyone in the class knew each other..except me. So this semester I am taking White-Collar Crime, Social Statistics, Introduction to Archaeology, Family Sociology and Elementary Italian. I have a nice variety of classes and so far we are 3 weeks in and I'm doing really well! I'm so looking forward to graduating...I cannot wait!!

Im still working at the Upper Crust and still loving it! Its amazing because I've never actually loved a job especially not for this long. I can already tell it's going to be sad when I have to leave there.
And in other news...after 26 years I think I have finally figured out what type of career I'd like to persue after I'm done with school. I would love to be a victim advocate and I'm praying that God has the same idea in mind for me! A victim advocate is basically a counselor that helps victims and witnesses to understand the criminal and legal procedures. The Victim/Witness advocates can be with you at the scene, at the hospital, in the courtroom and help you navigate the justice system. They are the “first responders” to the victim or witness and their family.I would explain to victims or survivors of crimes what is happening in present time or what is going on around them. This is an attempt to help give them back a sense of control around their immediate surroundings. I would attend court proceedings with or without the victim. Assist in preparing the victim or witness for court. During the trial the Advocate stays with the victim or witness and explains the procedure and answers all questions. In 2009 I did an internship at the Victims Assistance Program for the District Attorney in my county, it was great, and I learned so much. Im excited to graduate and get going with my life. I will be starting to apply for jobs in Decemer, 6 months before I graduate so hopefully I'll have a job by the time I have that little piece of paper. I don't have any states that I'm more interested in then others...its exciting to see where God wants me!

Besides caring for Izzie I also recently adopted a baby kitty!
{ hazel @ 2 weeks old }
Baby Hazel came into my life almost a month ago. She was born July 31st and was about 2 weeks old when she found me, oh and she weighed a whopping 0.5lbs :). My friend was taking care of Hazel's mom, and when the mom had Hazel and her brother and sisters she rejected all but one {bad mommy}. My friend was raising 3 kittens by bottle and was just overwhelmed, so I took Hazel home to 'foster' her. I think my foster idea was completely obliterated by cuteness oh maybe 4 days after I got her...she's mine forever! I had to bottle feed her every 2 hours (now every 3-4), burp her, bathe her, help her go to the bathroom, keep her warm, socialize her and help her become a cat. She is thriving! I go home in between classes and in my 30 minute lunch break from work so I can feed her and walk Izzie. Its a lot, but they are so woth it! Hazel will be 6 weeks old in 2 days and has changed so much over the past few weeks, its really neat to see. Here are some more pictures of the newest baby :)

{ hazel + mommy 3 weeks old }
{ hazel 4 weeks old & 15oz }
 { hazel 5 weeks old..her blue eyes are turning green }
{ hazel almost 6 weeks old...looking more like a kitty every day }
And the cutest picture of all:

They love each other and I love them tons!! They are my babies :)
Happy Thursday
xoxo E