Sunday, January 11, 2015

#housetohome {TUTORIAL} floating shelf

When it came to deciding what should go over my couch, I thought 3 simple picture frames would be satisfying. I hung them up (off course I framed glitter....too much?) and loved them, for a day.

I searched Pinterest for something else, and I found floating shelves! I loved the look of this one so I decided to follow her instructions (click on the link for the detailed instructions and the cut list). My dad helped because I needed his help to figure out how to get it straight (planning on putting them in my dining room as well), and it is much more fun to do home improvement projects with my dad! He decided to add the back piece including the support beams to the wall, then screwed the top to it and last the bottom. Word of caution, I would stain the wood before you attach it to the wall, makes the whole process a lot easier.

The stain I used is Minwax Classic Gray (you can get the little can, that will be more than enough). If you get commonboard, the project shouldn't cost more than $25. I used a more expensive wood for the front piece, so my project was a little more expensive.
I love the way I turned out!! Added some Christmas light because I love how whimsical they look. This was so simple to put together and really broke up the white apartment walls. Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see how yours turns out!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I moved to Phoenix for 2 reasons. The biggest reason was that my sister was moving to the City of Angels...LA! I didn't want to live on the opposite side of the country and hardly be able to visit her. Not particularly interested in living in LA, I asked google to help me find a warm place close by. I found Phoenix and loved what I read, and loved what I saw when I went to visit with Lynne in March.

My move was definitely not a very well thought of plan (and trust me, I learned a tough lesson)...I had an apartment and a job...kinda. That job turned out to be part-time, not the full-time key holder position I was led to believe was waiting for me. Luckily the connections I made at that job, led me to the job I have now.

Nothing about the move was easy, the 2500 mile drive, having to start a home from scratch after selling almost all your belongings (I suggest not selling all your things before a big move, it takes much more time and money to replace your things), finding your way around an unfamiliar city, making friends and finding a new job. But in the end, I found more than I thought I would have.

I found a home. I love my little place and the memories being made here. I have a job that allows me to make enough money for bills (ugh), saving and fun things. I live a 6 hour car ride from Lynne and even LA has started to grow on me! I found friends that are amazing. I might not have many, but I have those I can call in the middle of the night. I have found peace, more than I have before. Life is full of positive changes, challenges and triumphs. Phoenix is home - for now.

TV table - homegoods
Wood basket - Joann (link)
Corner table - Ikea (link)
Striped curtains - diy (tutorial coming soon!!)
Shutter - vintage
Bookcase - Ikea (link)
Wicker basket - Ikea (link)
Orthopedic doggie bed - TJMaxx
Couch - America's Furniture Warehouse (link)
Rug - Rugs USA (link- NOW 75% off!!)
Throw pillows - all handmade
Throw - Target (sold out, but similar here)
Coffee table - diy (tutorial coming soon!!)
 Tray - Target (link)
End table - Ikea (link)
Bookcase - Ikea (link)
Little state frames - Ikea (link)
Floating shelf - diy (another tutorial coming soon!)
Gold mason jar + flowers - Joann (pink peonies - NOW 40% off!)
Pug coffee table book - Target (sold out but I found mine here)
Assorted picture frames - gifts for Christmas
I am blessed