Saturday, June 30, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 5 foods .

Here are 5 of my favorite foods

1. Raspberries. They are by far my favorite fruit. I hate how they are so expensive, but they are so worth it!

2. Olives. I LOVE OLIVES!! When I was little, maybe 4 or 5, I was trying to explain to my mom that I wanted olives but I didn't know what they were called. So I told her they came in green and black and they were round and had a hole in it. It took her a while to figure it out. My parents took me to a Greek restaurant when I was 2 and they gave me feta cheese and olives and I ate all of it. The Greek people that were there were shocked that a little kid was eating all of love for olives has never gone away

3. Cheese...preferably feta or brie. I like most cheeses, but I'm not a fan of older, sharp cheeses. On Sunday when I still lived at home, we would go to my opa and oma's house after church and she would serve brie and crackers...yummy!

4. Hummus. I love hummus, so so much. I don't like peas at all, but hummus is so darn good. I love it with pita crackers and recently I've been eating it with baby carrots. I totally eat hummus with carrots as dinner :)

5. Sushi. Now I'm not a fan of fish, but I like some sushi. My favorite place is King's Island in VA..their Avocado Cucumber rolls are great and so are their Crispy Tuna rolls. The cripsy tuna is fried and it is delish!!

Stay tuned for favorite books!

xoxo E

Friday, June 29, 2012

. foster Friday: Sammie .

This Wednesday I drove over an hour (almost crossing over the Peace bridge into Canada...oops) to pick up my very first foster kitten. I have so much time on my hands and animal shelters are in desperate need of foster parents who can take in a cat or 2. Izzie loves all animals, and just wants to play. I wanted a cat but I don't have the money right now to care for one so now I can play with kitten's, socialize them, bring them back when they are ready to go to their forever homes, save lives and not have to's a win win win win all around.

Let me introduce you to Sammie (formerly known as Rio). He's a black 10 week old kitten that is just the sweetest. He loves to cuddle and is pretty fearless, he wandered around my house like it was no big deal. He has an upper respiratory infection, so right now he needs medicine every day for the next 8 days and then he goes back to the vet to check to see if its better or cleared and if not then I'll take him back home and nurse him back to complete health so he can be adopted. He was a little hesitant of Izzie first, but now their best buds! I'm hoping this will make him more adoptable once he's ready.

{ My supplies }

{ On the way to his temporary home }

{ inked kitten }

{ Snuggle bunny }

If you live in the Buffalo NY area: Sammie is not yet available for adoption, but he will be shortly. If you are interested in this cute little guy, please send me an email!!

xoxo E

Thursday, June 28, 2012

. throwback Thursday .

Remember when:

I went to visit my best friend in Denver, CO (2011)

So, a tiny back story. I met my best friend Jonell in 2008 thru a mutual friend. We clicked on a whole other level and became instant best friends. After she graduated high school she went in to the Air Force, then went to college and just recently graduated from the University of Denver with a Master's of Social Work. She is now an animal assisted therapist with Harper, her canine co-therapis....did I mention she's awesome!!
I hadn't seen her in about 2 years and was contemplating visiting her in September for her birthday. My mom was born in Denver and I figured I could see where she was born at the same time.

I was going to keep it a surprise from my friend but she is an incredibly busy person and I didn't want to overwhelm her by just showing I called her and told her I was coming to Denver, in 2 weeks.

I flew from DC to Minnesota then to Denver. The whole time I was thinking "I know the Rockies are pretty big, but where the heck are they?? All I see is flat land!" I was thourougly confused but then all of the sudden, there they was beautiful!!

I loved spending time in the mountains and hanging out with my best friend, her animals and the city and state she loves. I got to see the street where my mom was born (it's now a huge shopping area). We got to reminis, talk about the past and the future and relax. It was nice to see my best friend after so long and it was like no time had passed at all.

Colorado is gorgeous, I love the state. And I would like to say to all of you who are living in Colorado or have loved ones there, that I am praying for these fires to go away and for rain to come very soon!! Its absolutely horrible to watch houses go up in flames, and I couldn't imagine my house being one of them. Stay safe!

Here are some pictures from my trip :)

{ Atticus the weimeraner }

{ Harper, the Vizla and now certified co-therapist }

{ This is my all time favorite picture...I love the lighting }

{ best friends }

{ oh ya know, just petting chipmunks }

{ remember when I kissed a chipmunk :) }

{ On top of the world }

Happy Thursday

Xoxo E

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

. work out Wednesday .

Ahhh...its Wednesday again. So here is my little update. I started Saturday with Ab Ripper was pretty hard, and my abs were sore until, well this morning. Which makes me feel good, because that means I actually did something.

Monday I got ready to start my first stint at the 30 day shred and lemme tell ya a funny story. I got my water ready, my mats and my weights ready and I got started. Now it must have been a combination of having absolutely no stamina, not having eaten anything all day and choking on my water...but I puked DURING A WORKOUT DVD...what the heck!!! I was shocked, turns out I need way more help getting healthy and I'm in much worse shape then I thought.

BUTTTTT... I did lose a little this week. I'm down to 153lbs as of this morning :) At least that was a little consulation to my incredibly embarrasing work out!

Lets hope I have a better week this upcoming week!
Happy Hump Day

xoxo E

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 6 places .

Here are my 6 favorite places

1. Simonshaven, the Netherlands. My home, its where I was born and raised and the teeny tiny town (we have 400 people) I'll always call home

{ our famous white church }

{ our town's chest, I think that's what that's called }

2. Bizau, Austria. This place is my 2nd home. We went here every year to go skiing in the alps..sometimes twice a year. My parents plopped me on ski's when I was super young and I loved it and still do. It got harder when I was older because I'm afraid of heights but I still really enjoy the food is amazing

{ Bizau in the summer...isn't it gorgeous! }

{ I think you can see Switzerland in the distance, but I'm not quite sure }

{ mom & me }

3. Paris, France. The city of love, the eifel tower, the louvre, the notre dame...need I say more?

{ the Louvre }

{ Paris at night }

4. Antwerp, Belgium. We lived pretty close to Antwerp, and because there are open borders, its easy to just go for a day, or afternoon. It's in a little town right outside of Antwerp that we found an actual mall...we only have stip malls, but no indoor ones in Holland.

{ Love the architecture }

5. Split, Croatia. We met a girl from Croatia who stayed at our house as an exchange student. We went to visit where she lived one summer and let me tell you...this place is breath taking! The water is super clear and the architecture is unbelievable.

6. Milan, Italy. I've only visited here for a short time, but we managed to see a lot when we were there. Such as "the last supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci.

{ the last supper }

{ Milan, Italy }
Stay tuned for #5.. foods :)
xoxo E
(all images are from Google, except the last 2 from Austria, those are my own)

. i heart animals .

Yep my is true, I LOVE ANIMALS!!

So, my love isn't just for kittens and puppies..I love all animals. My uncle had snakes growing up, so I'm comfortable around those. My cousin had a tarantula...didn't really mind holding that (in it's cage its ok, yes I pet it. But if that thing escaped from its cage, I would have freaked out!)

We have always had animals growing up, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats and a dog.

I've felt bad about getting Izzie from a breeder (yes, i know, horrible!), for a long time. She was expensive and didn't come with even a single shot and I could have gone to the shelter and picked up a dog that came spayed and with shots and saved a life. However, when I got Izzie it was one of those "I want an dog and I want one NOW" kinda things. I can't imagine life without Izzie and I'm so glad I have her, but I wish I would have taken out the time to look at local shelters.

When I took one of my friends to get a dog from the shelter, there was a little cage in the back with a tiny kitten in it. My friend adopted a beagle mix and I came back the next day to pick up my kitten. Impulsive much? So..I welcome Elphie home

A few weeks later the same friend and I went to the mall to get her prescription glasses and I wandered over to the SPCA store...and what do ya know...I adopted another kitten! Jikes. So...I welcomed Oliver home

So ya, clearly I have an impulse problem and I love adopting kittens/cats. Once I moved to VA and realized apartments only took 2 animals and my roommate was allergic to cats, I look for a new home for them. I'm not one to surrender animals, I rather find another solution so they don't have to unnecessarily die. So my grandmother adopted Ephie and was the perfect solution. I knew they were in good hands and I could visist. 

Now that I'm back in NY and have nothing to do, I feel like Izzie is just as bored as I am. So off course I found this adorable siameese kitten online. I called my mom and she freaked out....but we found a solution. I'm going to be a foster parent :)

I talked to a shelter today, and I'm picking up my new foster kitty tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous. I signed a Kitty Kontract that I made up stating that I won't under any circumstances adopt my foster, (unless it faces death that I can stop). I think I will have a hard time giving it back but I'll know that I'm handing it back to be adopted and saving the life of an I get to keep Izzie forever :)

Have you ever fostered? I could use any advice I can get!! I'll be starting a new series on Friday called, you guessed it: Foster Friday's 

Eek...I'm so excited. Check my Instagram tomorrow for pictures of the new temporary addition @elisesandrina

xoxo E

. thankful Tuesday .

There are some days where you just have to be is one of those days, and I want to thank my parents. Now don't get me wrong, no words will EVER be able to express my gratitude towards my parents and what they have done for me, but this is just an attempt to scratch the surface.

I as a kid was always well off, and my parents made sure that Lynne and I had everything we needed and most of the time what we wanted too. I never really appreciated anything and took most stuff for granted. My sister did an exchange with a Polish girl while she was in high school. The girl came to Holland to live with us for a week and Lynne went to live with her another week. That winter we decided to go to Poland to go skiing. We went to visit the girl and she invited us in to their apartment. I have never seen such a small place, it was tiny and there were 4 people, 2 children and their parents. It was a 1 bedroom apartment, the kids slept in the bedroom and the parents slept on a pull out couch in the living room. They were the sweetest people and were just so thankful for what they had...that trip opened my eyes and made me even more thankful for what I had, which was so much more then they could ever dream of.

When I decided to go to college, my parents told me they would pay for my school. Too many people these days are forced to start their lives off in debt by taking out student loans and my parents had the option of paying for our school. My first semester I lived in the dorms and it wasn't quite working out, so I started looking for apartments. My dad thought it was a better idea to buy a house, so my parents bought a house here in NY.

When I moved from NY to VA in 2010, I was having a hard time keeping my head above water. Its so hard to make ends meet when you have so many bills and only a tiny little paycheck. I was only working part-time, so my parents helped me out with whatever I needed. I learned pretty soon that I didn't need to go on shopping trips and that there was a difference between necessities and luxuries. I had been living without TV or internet for over a year in order to save money.

In March I had a complete nervous breakdown. I was having to rely on my parents even after having gotten a full time, 40 hour a week job. How can you work 40 hours a week and not make ends meet? There is no way that there should have been days where I made sure Izzie was fed, but there was no food for me. I couldn't save any money because there was nothing left, and I still had to rely on my parents.

Being 26 and pretty much not being able to take care of myself (yet) is extremely difficult. I hate having to rely on my parents for money, I'm sure that when they had me they were thinking it was an 18 year commitment, money wise, not 26. I hate that I'm not able to provide and take care of my own. I'm not working because there are hardly any jobs here, I've applied everywhere. Going to file for unemployment will unfortunatly have to happen at the end of this week if I don't have a good lead on a job yet.

You just never think that you have to ask your parents for money, just to buy groceries, or get gas. I don't go shopping, I don't eat out, I don't have TV because I don't NEED that stuff.

If it wasn't for my parents, I don't know where I would be...on the streets maybe? I could have been homeless if it wasn't for my parents being able and willing to help me out and that is a hard conclusion to draw. I am so lucky to have parents that are as giving as they are. They only want what is best for me, but for them to get in financial troubles themselves because I need help is not ok. I cannot wait for the day where I have a job that provides for what my needs are, my wants can come later on!

Thank you mom & dad, from the bottom of my heart. No words can ever, EVER  describe how grateful I am for you guys. I would rather not think about what would or could have happened if you weren't able/willing to help me out! I can't wait for the day where I can repay you...maybe by giving you a grandbaby :) someday?

This is what I am so grateful for

{ A beautiful family that love each other no matter what! }

What are you thankful for?

xoxo E

Sunday, June 24, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 7 wants .

Here is day current wants

1. a job! I am so bored right now just sitting around. I know I will complain that I have no time for myself once I find a job, but I am tired of sitting around...and I would love to meet more people

2. a chuch that I can call home. I went to one on Sunday but it didn't feel like home for me. So this next Sunday I will try to find a different one

3. a significant other. I'm assuming this is every single girl's want, who wouldn't want to have someone who loves you forever, that you can start a life and family with. God's timing is perfect, and I know He has someone picked out for I just need to be patient and wait!

4. to be healthier/skinnier. This is a good one because I have total control over this one...all it takes is dedication and I think it might be coming :)

5. an iPhone. Unfortunatly I just switched cell providers and mine doesn't have the iPhone :( I needed a lower bill and they offered 13% off every bill just for being a Mary Kay consultant

6. a new car. Don't get me wrong, I love my little car. But sometimes I want something bigger, or something that has power windows and doors and cruise control. Maybe something with 4 wheel drive now that I live in NY. But this car is only 3 years old and I've had it for 1.5 years so it is def not time for a new car...but I can still want it, right?

7. long hair. My hair is already pretty long, but I want it to be longer. I'm seriously considering getting extensions. I had those once before and I loved them!! I asked my hairdresser and she said they were an investment which I don't like to hear. She said the glued in onces run from $800 to $1000 and I thought I was going to fall out of my chair!! I'm thinking clip ins will work...I hear Jessica Simpson has some ok ones

That's my 7 wants. See ya'll for day 6, my favorite places!

xoxo E

Saturday, June 23, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 8 fears.

8 of my fears....

1. failure. I hate to think that I failed somehow and let people down. I wouldn't want to be a dissapointment in someone else's eyes..that really scares me.

2. BATS! Holy cow, I hate bats with a passion. Good news, I found a guy who is coming out to do a free estimate on how much it will cost to evict these little buggers...I want them OUT!! Don't know why I hate bats? Read my bat story, it explains it detail :)

3. Izzie dying. I know she's a dog and she eventually will die, but I seriously get anxious just thinking about her dying. She's been a huge part of my life for 4  years and she has helped me through a lot. The thought of her not being here anymore is horrible and unimaginable!

4. being alone forever. Sometimes I get worried that something is wrong with me. I'm 26 years old and have only been in 2 relationships (and they didn't last that long). I had for sure thought I would have been married with kids by now, but I'm as single as they get. I'm not even talking to anyone. It gets really discouraging sometimes because being alone is one of my biggest fears. Luckily I know God will provide, and he put the desire in my heart to get married and have babies, and he's not going to just dangle that in front of me, but never have it be mine. Just gotta keep faith!

5. chickens. I swear chickens have teeth! I don't know why I fear chickens...maybe its the fact that they can live for a little bit after their head has been cut off, its so random

6. driving in the snow. I am so afraid to get into an accident in the winter that I rather just not drive at all, or live somewhere warm where there is no snow. I have spun out once and it was snowing but the snow hadn't even stuck yet. I wasn't going too fast, it was jut scared me so bad that now I'm terrified of it. Off course now that I live in western NY, snow is measured in feet and not inches...jikes!

7. being a bad Christian. Everyone seems to have their own ideas of what a Christian is and how they shoud behave. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past and I have learned and grown so much. I don't want people to think that I am setting a bad example or that I'm not a good Christian.

8. murderers. I think its a pretty logical fear. I live by myself in a pretty big house and I get scared every now and then...however, Izzie is a pretty good protector. She sounds a lot bigger then she really is, which comes in handy sometimes. This is another reason why I need a husband ;)

There are my 8 fears! Stay tuned for #7, wants

xoxo E

Friday, June 22, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 9 loves .

9 we go

1. I love Izzie...DUH :)

2. I love cheesfondue! The way my mom makes it with some good Dutch cheese, mushrooms, ham & is better then the Melting Pot!!! Let me know if you want the recipe, I'll gladly give you this slice of heaven. I don't make it to often because 1. it requires expensive cheese, its just not the same with cheap cheese and 2. it makes a whole lot. I could never finish it all by myself.

3. I love fresh sheets. I love the smell of fresh sheets, and I love it when they are still warm from the dryer and I can crawl in them for a little nap

4. I love the Netherlands. The place I was born and raised and called home. I love going back to visit family and friends. And eat all the food that I either can't get here, or is super expensive

5. I love animals. I love pretty much all animals and I'd love to have more. I have 2 cats, Elphie & Oliver, but they live with my grandma and her animals. Once I'm more settled in life, I'll consider adding on to my gang, but for now I think Izzie really enjoys being an only child

6. I love blogging! Reading blogs is so fun and I'm having more fun then I thought writing for my own blog

7. I love candy!! Sometimes I just need sugar, and any type of sugar will do. Its insane how much I love candy, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner...and desert :)

8. I love color pink. I thought I was coming out of that fase, but then it came back and slapped me in the face again...oh boy

9. I love Broadway! I saw so many great shows when I lived in NYC. And when Lynne started working at Liberty University's theater department as the assistant costume designer, she got free tickets. Their shows were Broadway quality...I'll miss that now that I don't live close enough to go to all shows.

back Monday with #8 :)

xoxo E

Thursday, June 21, 2012

. throwback Thursday .

I thought it would be fun to start a little series called "throwback Thursday", where I will try to tell you about my life before I started this little blog :)

Remember when...

I lived in NYC for 5 months in 2005?

When I was in my senior year of college in the Netherlands, it was time for an internship. I wanted to do something different, and work with theater productions. So one night, I went online and got a whole bunch of phone numbers for costume shops in NYC, without telling my parents. I called all of them, some where very nice, others not so much. I had 2 that wanted me to send more information. They both offered me an internship, and I eventually chose Timberlake Studios (no relation to Justin) on 7th Avenue.

People at school were mean about it, because I could have worked in a dutch theater for their costume department...but if you have the opportunity to go to NYC, why not take it? And I did, my parents were super supportive.

Now, I'm from a super tiny town in 400 people tiny. I was 19 and leaving the nest for the first time. I think my mom was freaking out when I showed her apartments that I could rent by myself, and she was NOT having it. We eventually settled on a place called The Webster Apartments. It was an apartment building on west 34th street, right down the street from Macy's, and the Empire State building. The Webster Apartment is for women only, men are not allowed in the rooms, only in the lobby (my mom loved this). It was for working women, those who were on internships and there were girls from all over the world. My room was on the 7th floor, and as tiny as my current closet :)

The end of July, I caught a flight with my dad from Amsterdam to NYC. It was crazy to be there. We went to Timberlake Studios first, to introduce myself and meet the people I would be working with. They were/are the nicest people! Then we went to get settled into my room. We walked around and did some of the touristy things and get familiar with the city. We looked for banks, grocery stores and other important things....ever tried to find a Walmart in NYC?

I think my dad stayed with me for a week and then it was time to go home...and I was alone. I made friends really quickly, and I'm still friends with most of the girls I met there. I was by far the youngest, but we had the best time.

My internship was great and I learned so much! If you see little bo peep in the Macy's Thanksgiving's Day Parade...I made her outfit :) I made clothes for "Sweet Charity" (off Broadway) and "The Producers" (on Broadway). My boss set me up for a tour of Broadway, I got to stand on the stage of "The Lion King" and try on some of the head pieces they wear in the show, it was awesome.

After 2 months of being there, I was lent out to the production of "White Christmas" who were preparing for productions in San Fransisco, LA and Boston. They needed more people and my boss at Timberlake Studios wanted me to get as much experience as I could. I had a blast there, and after my internship was done, my mom and I drove to Boston to go see "White Christmas".

I had a great time in NYC, and I'm so glad that I did it. I loved living there, even though I couldn't do it again. It was fun for 5 months, but I can't imagine living there permanently...its too busy and no one ever stops to enjoy the views.

{ Visiting Washington DC. You can take a bus in China Town for like $25 rountrip. It was the scarriest experience of my life, but we had a blast. I'm the one with the huge purse...clearly nothing has changed :) }

{ Washington DC. I'm the one in might have been almost 7 years ago, but the little things are the same }

{ Visiting Philadelphia. I'm the one in the long pink coat...which I still have in my closet and wear regularly }

{ Philadelphia }

{ We went on a cruise on the Hudson River, I'm not quite sure how we managed to get that. I'm in the middle }

Well, there is my throwback. Happy Thursday :)

xoxo E