Tuesday, June 26, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 6 places .

Here are my 6 favorite places

1. Simonshaven, the Netherlands. My home, its where I was born and raised and the teeny tiny town (we have 400 people) I'll always call home

{ our famous white church }

{ our town's chest, I think that's what that's called }

2. Bizau, Austria. This place is my 2nd home. We went here every year to go skiing in the alps..sometimes twice a year. My parents plopped me on ski's when I was super young and I loved it and still do. It got harder when I was older because I'm afraid of heights but I still really enjoy going...plus the food is amazing

{ Bizau in the summer...isn't it gorgeous! }

{ I think you can see Switzerland in the distance, but I'm not quite sure }

{ mom & me }

3. Paris, France. The city of love, the eifel tower, the louvre, the notre dame...need I say more?

{ the Louvre }

{ Paris at night }

4. Antwerp, Belgium. We lived pretty close to Antwerp, and because there are open borders, its easy to just go for a day, or afternoon. It's in a little town right outside of Antwerp that we found an actual mall...we only have stip malls, but no indoor ones in Holland.

{ Love the architecture }

5. Split, Croatia. We met a girl from Croatia who stayed at our house as an exchange student. We went to visit where she lived one summer and let me tell you...this place is breath taking! The water is super clear and the architecture is unbelievable.

6. Milan, Italy. I've only visited here for a short time, but we managed to see a lot when we were there. Such as "the last supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci.

{ the last supper }

{ Milan, Italy }
Stay tuned for #5.. foods :)
xoxo E
(all images are from Google, except the last 2 from Austria, those are my own)

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