Friday, June 29, 2012

. foster Friday: Sammie .

This Wednesday I drove over an hour (almost crossing over the Peace bridge into Canada...oops) to pick up my very first foster kitten. I have so much time on my hands and animal shelters are in desperate need of foster parents who can take in a cat or 2. Izzie loves all animals, and just wants to play. I wanted a cat but I don't have the money right now to care for one so now I can play with kitten's, socialize them, bring them back when they are ready to go to their forever homes, save lives and not have to's a win win win win all around.

Let me introduce you to Sammie (formerly known as Rio). He's a black 10 week old kitten that is just the sweetest. He loves to cuddle and is pretty fearless, he wandered around my house like it was no big deal. He has an upper respiratory infection, so right now he needs medicine every day for the next 8 days and then he goes back to the vet to check to see if its better or cleared and if not then I'll take him back home and nurse him back to complete health so he can be adopted. He was a little hesitant of Izzie first, but now their best buds! I'm hoping this will make him more adoptable once he's ready.

{ My supplies }

{ On the way to his temporary home }

{ inked kitten }

{ Snuggle bunny }

If you live in the Buffalo NY area: Sammie is not yet available for adoption, but he will be shortly. If you are interested in this cute little guy, please send me an email!!

xoxo E

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