Tuesday, June 5, 2012

. Where have you been?? .

Here I am!!! I'm back :) Here is a short recap of what seems like the last month, but really was only 2 weeks  (im probably getting internet Thursday and I'm excited to be able to blog way more then I do now!!)

My parents got to town the 24th of May. At this point my house was a complete disaster...a bomb of boxes had exploded and there was shit everywhere. I had rented a 14ft Uhaul thinking my stuff would fit...but after my dad saw the crap ton of stuff I had, I called to get a 17ft instead. Turns out because of graduation, they ran out of both 14 and 17ft Uhaul's, so I got myself a 20ft fo free! (I am a little mortified to admit that I really needed a 20ft...by myself, that is not ok!)

We packed the Uhaul all day Sunday, to start driving to NY on Monday. I had a goodbye dinner on Sunday with some of my friends..I had an awesome time and I'm gonna miss the friends I made and having my family close by. We started driving Monday around 9am. It was a circus...my parents, Izzie & I, a 20ft Uhaul with my car behind it and a rental mini van. Instead of it taking the normal 8-9 hours, it took us 13 to get to NY. We hadn't really thought about that while packing the truck, so the mattresses were in the back of the truck, so we decided to stay at a hotel for the night.

Tuesday we went to the house for the first time in almost a year for me, and almost 3 years for my parents. The house was nasty and it took us a lot of elbow grease to get it to my mom and my standard of clean...which is a tad higher then everyone elses appearently. We basically went from room to room on hands and knees cleaning and gave my dad some handy work to do around the house and outside. He installed a new vanity upstairs and cut my bushes in the garden. And when I (gently) asked if he could bring the washer and dryer up from the basement, he didn't even complain...plus he re-wired everything and got it all set up for me. While we were unpacking, there were 3 showings at the house!! A good sign, but alas, no offers were made. The realtor gave us some suggestions to change around the house to make it more appealing and I would like to make all of them. However, I was expecting another paycheck from work and I didn't get one and because I don't have a job here yet, those changes will have to wait.

Thursday after unpacking all my shit and a 2 trips to the dump and goodwill, I was all done...only to pack my bags and head on our great Canadian adventure. Lynne and Justin (sister & husband) got to NY Thursday and after dropping Izzie off Friday, we were off for a week and some days in our mini-van...driving away.

We drove thru New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Ontario in 11 days. We went thru 8 states (I'm also counting Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania seen as how that is technically where our journey started) and 5 provinces. We were never in the same place longer then a few hours, and drove an average of 7 hours per day. We managad to put 7000 on our rental car, which equals .... miles.

We had an awesome time and it was nice to spend time with family. My parents left Sunday night to go back to the Netherlands...I'm not sure when they will be back, or when I will be going there. Lynne, Justin and I left on Monday...even though we had a blast, I was excited to go home and be reunited with Izzie!!!

Today I had a meeting with the Dean of the Criminal Justice department at school and I got set with all my classes. I'm taking 15 credits, 5 classes so that I don't overwhelm myself. I rather take fewer classes and get good grades then get a lot of credits but shitty grades.

Next step: FINDING A JOB ASAP!!! Money is so tight right now it is not even funny. I think I'm on my last 2 dollars! Scary thought, but I know that God will provide...I just need to get my butt in gear

Also, starting tomorrow I will begin my weight loss journey. I'm creeping towards an overweight BMI, and that is just not acceptable. I'm going to be eating healthy, doing P90X, swimming and taking Izzie for long (an hour) walks, which will hopefully turn into runs eventually.

I keep on saying that I'll work out and get my body in shape and I never follow thru...so I'm hoping that by putting it out there for you to read (whoever you are, I'm not sure who is reading my blog) I will have some sort of responsibility and 'someone' to hold me accountable.

More on that tomorrow!!

xoxo E

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