Tuesday, June 26, 2012

. i heart animals .

Yep my friends....it is true, I LOVE ANIMALS!!

So, my love isn't just for kittens and puppies..I love all animals. My uncle had snakes growing up, so I'm comfortable around those. My cousin had a tarantula...didn't really mind holding that (in it's cage its ok, yes I pet it. But if that thing escaped from its cage, I would have freaked out!)

We have always had animals growing up, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats and a dog.

I've felt bad about getting Izzie from a breeder (yes, i know, horrible!), for a long time. She was expensive and didn't come with even a single shot and I could have gone to the shelter and picked up a dog that came spayed and with shots and saved a life. However, when I got Izzie it was one of those "I want an dog and I want one NOW" kinda things. I can't imagine life without Izzie and I'm so glad I have her, but I wish I would have taken out the time to look at local shelters.

When I took one of my friends to get a dog from the shelter, there was a little cage in the back with a tiny kitten in it. My friend adopted a beagle mix and I came back the next day to pick up my kitten. Impulsive much? So..I welcome Elphie home

A few weeks later the same friend and I went to the mall to get her prescription glasses and I wandered over to the SPCA store...and what do ya know...I adopted another kitten! Jikes. So...I welcomed Oliver home

So ya, clearly I have an impulse problem and I love adopting kittens/cats. Once I moved to VA and realized apartments only took 2 animals and my roommate was allergic to cats, I look for a new home for them. I'm not one to surrender animals, I rather find another solution so they don't have to unnecessarily die. So my grandmother adopted Ephie and Oliver...it was the perfect solution. I knew they were in good hands and I could visist. 

Now that I'm back in NY and have nothing to do, I feel like Izzie is just as bored as I am. So off course I found this adorable siameese kitten online. I called my mom and she freaked out....but we found a solution. I'm going to be a foster parent :)

I talked to a shelter today, and I'm picking up my new foster kitty tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous. I signed a Kitty Kontract that I made up stating that I won't under any circumstances adopt my foster, (unless it faces death that I can stop). I think I will have a hard time giving it back but I'll know that I'm handing it back to be adopted and saving the life of an animal...plus I get to keep Izzie forever :)

Have you ever fostered? I could use any advice I can get!! I'll be starting a new series on Friday called, you guessed it: Foster Friday's 

Eek...I'm so excited. Check my Instagram tomorrow for pictures of the new temporary addition @elisesandrina

xoxo E

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