Thursday, June 21, 2012

. throwback Thursday .

I thought it would be fun to start a little series called "throwback Thursday", where I will try to tell you about my life before I started this little blog :)

Remember when...

I lived in NYC for 5 months in 2005?

When I was in my senior year of college in the Netherlands, it was time for an internship. I wanted to do something different, and work with theater productions. So one night, I went online and got a whole bunch of phone numbers for costume shops in NYC, without telling my parents. I called all of them, some where very nice, others not so much. I had 2 that wanted me to send more information. They both offered me an internship, and I eventually chose Timberlake Studios (no relation to Justin) on 7th Avenue.

People at school were mean about it, because I could have worked in a dutch theater for their costume department...but if you have the opportunity to go to NYC, why not take it? And I did, my parents were super supportive.

Now, I'm from a super tiny town in 400 people tiny. I was 19 and leaving the nest for the first time. I think my mom was freaking out when I showed her apartments that I could rent by myself, and she was NOT having it. We eventually settled on a place called The Webster Apartments. It was an apartment building on west 34th street, right down the street from Macy's, and the Empire State building. The Webster Apartment is for women only, men are not allowed in the rooms, only in the lobby (my mom loved this). It was for working women, those who were on internships and there were girls from all over the world. My room was on the 7th floor, and as tiny as my current closet :)

The end of July, I caught a flight with my dad from Amsterdam to NYC. It was crazy to be there. We went to Timberlake Studios first, to introduce myself and meet the people I would be working with. They were/are the nicest people! Then we went to get settled into my room. We walked around and did some of the touristy things and get familiar with the city. We looked for banks, grocery stores and other important things....ever tried to find a Walmart in NYC?

I think my dad stayed with me for a week and then it was time to go home...and I was alone. I made friends really quickly, and I'm still friends with most of the girls I met there. I was by far the youngest, but we had the best time.

My internship was great and I learned so much! If you see little bo peep in the Macy's Thanksgiving's Day Parade...I made her outfit :) I made clothes for "Sweet Charity" (off Broadway) and "The Producers" (on Broadway). My boss set me up for a tour of Broadway, I got to stand on the stage of "The Lion King" and try on some of the head pieces they wear in the show, it was awesome.

After 2 months of being there, I was lent out to the production of "White Christmas" who were preparing for productions in San Fransisco, LA and Boston. They needed more people and my boss at Timberlake Studios wanted me to get as much experience as I could. I had a blast there, and after my internship was done, my mom and I drove to Boston to go see "White Christmas".

I had a great time in NYC, and I'm so glad that I did it. I loved living there, even though I couldn't do it again. It was fun for 5 months, but I can't imagine living there permanently...its too busy and no one ever stops to enjoy the views.

{ Visiting Washington DC. You can take a bus in China Town for like $25 rountrip. It was the scarriest experience of my life, but we had a blast. I'm the one with the huge purse...clearly nothing has changed :) }

{ Washington DC. I'm the one in might have been almost 7 years ago, but the little things are the same }

{ Visiting Philadelphia. I'm the one in the long pink coat...which I still have in my closet and wear regularly }

{ Philadelphia }

{ We went on a cruise on the Hudson River, I'm not quite sure how we managed to get that. I'm in the middle }

Well, there is my throwback. Happy Thursday :)

xoxo E

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