Wednesday, June 6, 2012

. Sick & tired .

I'm sick and tired of being the fat sister! Lynne goes to the gym, and looks amazing, plus she eats really healthy. Now i'm not trying to complain too much, but i'm currently unemployed and even when I did have my house keeping job I wasn't making enough money to eat healthy. Unhealthy food is cheaper, let's face that. Well guess what....I'M DONE! I'm done not looking cute in a bikini or a dress or..naked, for that matter!! My bmi is half a point away from being overweight, i'm never going to be this close again!
I was always a healthy 135lbs, which looked good on my 5`6 height. I mean sure things could be tighter but they were not as bad as they are now.
Last year, I think it was summer,I decided to find the real me and wean myself off of my anti depressants. I feel awesome, mentally, right now. Stopping the meds though made me gain almost 30lbs!!!! I went to the doctor in November to get my blood taken, I was sure something was wrong. Maybe my thyroid, or diabetes?? Something was going on and I kept gaining weight. Turns out, i'm completely healthy! After going to the Netherlands for Christmas, and divulging in all the yummy food, I signed my fat ass up at a gym and I worked it everyday for a month, losing 10lbs. Then shortly after, the boy and I broke things off and I got a new job and found it impossible to make time for the gym. 5 of the 10lbs have not cool.
Your metabolism slows down the older you get. Plus I heard that you should be in the best shape of your life before you get pregnant because you won't ever go back (I don't know if that's true, but its a good excuse). I wanna have kids in the (near) future (God willing) and I want to prepare my body NOW!!
Today I did day 1 of P90X! I'm also going to try running, taking izzie for a long walk and maybe swimming...and cutting out unhealthy foods! (why do I love sugar so much??)
For my own sake, i'm not putting before pictures up just yet...I don't want those on her until I see some results. I will be weighing myself every Wednesday, and measuring and taking a picture of myself every other Wednesday. My goal weight is between 125-130lbs, but I know muscle weighs more then fat. I would like to just look healthy :)
So here are this Weeks measurements (I cannot believe i'm doing this!)
starting weight: 154.4
Chest: 38”
Waist: 32”
Hips: 42”
L thigh: 24”
R thigh: 24”

Oh and if you don't have anything nice to say please just don't say anything at all! :)

Here goes nothing! Stop making excuses begins right now!
Xoxo e