Monday, June 18, 2012

. Ahhh bats .

I have been wanting to post this for a while now. This story is funny now but with a lot of wasn't at the time!

Ps. My apologies, this is a lengthy story, I just don't want to leave out any details.

It all stated 3 years ago, a new found hatred and disgust developed into sheer terror :)
I had just started living in my house and while I was watching TV,I heard something in the kitchen. It was like someone was going through my cupboards. I freaked out, ran to my car and called my dad. He told me to go in and check the house, he'd stay on the phone with me. I checked, and probably screamed once or twice from my own shadow...nothing, the house was empty. Fast forward a few Weeks. I just got izzie, and my mom and sister were visiting, my house for the first time. I retired to show my mom the basement but when I opened the door and saw a bird fly around,I figured the tour of the basement was going to have to wait. Its the middle of the night and I get awakened by a flapping noise. I look up to see this stupid bird flying in my bedroom! So I leave izzie, walk over to where my mom and my sister are and tell my mom that the bird that was in the basement is now in my bedroom. It only took her a hot second to realize it wasn't a was a BAT...IN MY HOUSE! my mom and I ran downstairs to look up a phone number in the yellow pages. Meanwhile the bat when from my room to say hi to Lynne, and she freaked out and was downstairs in 3 steps. Lynne and my mom locked themselves in the bathroom and told me to go get izzie seen as how she wasn't vaccinated against rabies. I run upstairs, grab izzie and on the way to the bathroom I ran into the bat and he hit me in the face with his wing!! Not knowing what else to do,I called the police. Not 911, just the regular number. I was calling to ask them who to call and they said they would come over. The officer and I searched for almost an hour and finally found it, as a tiny ball in the basement. The officer killed it and took it to get tested for rabies.
Since that time, I've caught 2 bats in mouse traps...which the exterminators don't know how that happened once let alone twice.
Well right before I moved to VA, I was sitting on my bed worth NY bedroom door closed. I heard a noise and saw a bat crawl under neath my bedroom door. It started flying so I grabbed izzie and put her in the bathroom (a. She is vaccinated, but I don't want to take any chances b. We quickly found it the bats were coming up thru the air vents...its an old house). I called the police and the officer came to kill it. An hour later, we could not find it. He gave me his number and said to call because he was going to be on duty all night. I fell asleep and about 3 hours later woke up to my cat sitting on my pillow, hissing at it! Strangest thing! Then I heard it scream, the bat screamed from WITHIN my BED!! So I called the cop back and told him it was in my bed! He came over right away and stripped my bed...nothing. I told him it was in there and sure enough there it had crawled INTO MY PILLOWCASE!!! I had literally slept on a bat for almost 3 hours!! It even freaked the cop out. I didn't sleep that night, not a wink!!
To say I hate those suckers is an understatement. They scare the crap out of me! Off course I wrote this post at 3am, while listening to noises. There is a bat in the house...I can feel it. People will probably think i'm crazy But I can sense it. Off course I can also hear it, I can hear the sound of its  wings. At some point I might have to go get a rabies shot...just in case. I won't be sleeping tonight (6/8/2012), I have migrated to the couch, and turned all the lights on. I'll sleep when its light outside :) (little update...I went to bed at 6am when it finally got light out, and they got quite as soon as the sun came up. So far no luck in finding someone that can help me evict them!)
These days I sure would like a boyfriend/fiance/husband to protect me from critters :)

Hope y'all enjoyed my bat story...and if you have a solution to get rid of these nasty little buggers, please let me know!!!

Xoxo E

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