Thursday, June 14, 2012

. Home Sweet Home 1.0 {photo dump} part 1 .

{I'm making this post 1.0 because I tend to move a lot...}

WARNING: This is a super long post :)
Yay, I feel like I'm finally settled into my house in New York. I haven't lived here for that long, but its starting to feel like home again.

Background story: I never really liked living in the dorms, I was already 21 when I was a freshman. So I looked for an apartment off campus to live in. My dad thought it was a better idea for me to look for a house. He would buy a house, rent out the rooms and make the money that he spent on the house back. I thought this was a GREAT idea. So, I started looking for houses. I found an adorable 3 bedroom house, with an amazing master bedroom closet...I was SOLD! It was the first house I looked at, it had gone on the market the day before. I told my dad all about it and had him look at pictures online (mind you both my parents live in the Netherlands). He liked and 2 days later we offered the asking price in cash...they ACCEPTED and the house was MINE..well not really, but you get the idea. My parents never even saw the house before they bought it but trusted my oppinion on it. I had never looked at a house, let alone buy one, so I figured we placed the offer, it got acccepted, I could moved in next week, no?? Yea NO, big no! I guess that is not how that goes in real estate. It took close to 2 months before everything was done. Getting a lawyer, getting the money wired, doing a home inspection, waiting for the repairs, then you get the key. By this time my dad had flown for my birhtday, and I got the key the same week. We painted and I moved in. It was built in 1925 and it has the original hardwood floors in it. I love this home!!!

Fast forward: I moved away from New York in 2010, to head down to Virginia. I put the house on the market and my best friend and her then fiance moved in. It was nice to have people living in it so that it wasn't sitting here empty. My friend moved out in March of this year...and the house is still on the market!!! We have gotten one lowball offer, and we didn't even counter. It was more a slap in the face, not an offer. I love living here but I want this house to sell...its time for a new owner :)

If anyone is interested in it, its is in Fredonia, NY and its currently for sale at $119.900 which is a steal considering it was appraised at $139.900!!! (email me!!)

I wanted to post some pictures so that you guys can see how cute this house is :)
PS. this will be a picture overload...but I didn't want to leave anything out



{living room}

{dining room}

{downstairs bathroom...yes I know there is carpet in the bathroom, im working on that :) }

{kitchen, which will hopefully soon be painted white}

{laundry room}

{izzie's fenced in yard..thanks dad, she loves it :) }


{Office / Mary Kay area}

There ya have it, the first floor of my house. I'll be back tomorrow to upload some more pictures, I'm finally getting internet. NO MORE HOTSPOT that doesn't really work well or stealing borrowing my neighbors internet, but MY OWN!!! Can you tell I'm excited :)

xoxo E

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