Tuesday, June 19, 2012

. 10 day you challenge : 10 secrets .

Hey ya'll. I've been trying to find blogs that are very inspring and where some godly women write and I'm happy to say I found one!! Her name is Ashely and she blogs over at the christian wife life, and I've been reading some of her past posts. I found a fun challenge that I thought I would participate in, even though she started her's in September :) 


10 secrets...here goes nothing

1. I try my best at being organized but its a complete mess in my head sometimes and things get forgotten or ignored.

2. I wish people would leave more comments on my blog so I can see who reads what I have to say.

3. I haven't worked out AT ALL this week!

4. I'm working really hard on this but sometimes I get super jealous and it is NOT a good thing

5. I would love to audition for a play, but I'm too scared

6. I wish I could take back some of the choices I made throughout my life. It's nice to know that God will always love me and has already forgiven me for the mistakes that I made.

7. I have a hard time coming up with things to blog about :)

8. I'm incredibly lonely at this point in my life, but I know that this is just temporary.

9. I sleep with a night light (I got this night light because I didn't think bats would come to a room that was lit up...but according to google that's not true, BOO)

10. Sometimes I wish I was famous

Well, there ya have it, 10 of my secrets (that I don't mind sharing with the world)
If you like to link up with this challenge, leave a comment so I can read yours!

xoxo E


  1. Ik ben een stille lezer :) Weet niet of je nog weet wie ik ben maar ik verveelde me een paar dagen terug en was vroegere klasgenootjes aan het opzoeken en toen kwam ik op je blog :) Vind het leuk om te lezen wat jou nu bezig houd! Volgens mij ben je goed bezig! :D


  2. I love reading about where you are in life! We talk regularly but this gives me more insight! Love you!