Wednesday, June 13, 2012

. work out Wednesday .

Ok, so here is my first weight loss, get healthy update! What a week it has been; not really but I like to think I have a life :)

I hate doing this on a Wednesday, my OCD wants things to start on Monday...the beginning of the week. So last week when I made the decision to start working out, I wanted to start P90X on a Monday. So I did take Izzie for a few long walks between last Wednesday and Monday.

I went to the beach with my freshman roommate, who I haven't seen in about 3 years! We had so much fun laying out on the lake Erie. Now, note to self, I HAVE GOT to be more dilligent about putting on sunscreen. It wasn't too hot so I didn't feel like I was burning...HOWEVER, when I got home, it was a different story! My upper thighs are scorched, they turned a very unpleasent purple-ish color. And my back...jikes, I had my friend put lotion on my tattoo, so I have a perfect circle around my tattoo, and the rest of my back is completely burned. I was in so much pain, working out Monday was not an option...neither was walking! I did run up and down my stairs yesterday which may or may not end with me falling at some point :)

As for my eating...another JIKES! I found Oreo Birthday icecream in my freezer...need I say more?? Oopsies! However, I did drop a tiny bit in weight, whoop whoop! My weight as of this morning is 153.8lbs! I'm not super proud, but I'm glad I lost some weight instead of gain some...gotta think of the positives here.

So there ya have it, I will be starting my P90X on a Wednesday...TODAY!

xoxo E

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