Wednesday, March 27, 2013

. Sprinkles on toast - NEW DESIGN .

3 posts in one must be spring break :)

You know how sometimes you see something in your head and you try to get your idea across to someone else? Well..I knew what I wanted my blog to look like but I'm not really good at explaining my ideas :)

When I was looking to get my blog professionally designed, I turned to one of my favorite blogs, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and as it turns out..she designs blogs!

She's the funniest, and is so awesome to work with! I told her what I wanted, in the way I explain things...probably dancing around the point I'm trying to make and she ran with it! She took all the ideas I had in my head and created a blog I now love..LOVE LOVE!

I'm so excited to finally have a blog I love, and I am so so happy with the way it turned out. Everyone, check out Kristen's portfolio and if you need a new blog design, she honestly is the greatest!

So, what did we learn about Kristen: she is awesome, does great designs, is very reasonably priced, works very fast (she emailed me that she was going to start, and before I could respond, the first test page of my new blog design was in my inbox!!) and is super helpful!!

Hope ya'll love it as much as I do!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

. "spring" break - aka winter, round 2 .

Ya'll..I honestly can't believe I survived my absolutely hectic, hellish 2 last weeks of school before spring break!!! I even passed my biology exam...barely, but I passed!

I decided that I needed to leave town and since I stayed and worked over Thanksgiving break, and only took 1 days off over Christmas break, I got the ok from my boss to leave for 2 entire weeks! I decided to drive down to VA to hang out with my sister, and my friends.

I've been having a blast being able to see the people I love and care about and just relax for the most part. I have been doing homework, because that way I won't have to worry about it when I go back home. So far on Saturday my sister, Lynne and I and 2 friends drove to the Natural Bridge Zoo, where there is a safari park! My love for animals, combined with pure excitement from being on vacation made for a great trip, and an amazing experience..until I got bit by a yak, but whatevs, the minor, MINOR injury was totally worth it. The safari was so much fun, it's getting a post all of its own with some pictures my talented sissy took.

As far as eating clean and healthy and continuing the 6 weeks to skinny jeans, that is also going to be a separate post. Its not easy to say the least, but I am learning how to manage and say NO!

Whoever realistically expected spring to start in March (uhm ME) is sadly mistaken. I left NY in a blizzard, but refused to drive without my sunglasses on..I was driving to my spring break destination for crying out loud. Eventually the sun came out and I even had to turn on my airconditioning to satisfy my panting pooch in the back seat.

Friday was a nice day, Saturday was a beautiful day and Sunday sucked. It started southern VA mind you! About 3 inches fell...this is what our Sunday looked like

{tiny picture..sorry}
{it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't what I wanted to see on my spring break!}
Its beautiful, don't get me wrong. I have seen snow nonstop since November..I'm so over it!!! It's almost all melted now and I refuse to wear a coat outside. Its spring dammnit, and I am willing it to be warm-ish outside :)

I'll leave you with this beauty, who thouroughly enjoyed the car she does every car ride. Except the ones to the vet...she knows when we go to the vet.
And how about this little gem I found on my phone..
Attractive, no? Regular pictures weren't turning out, so this is what we settled for..
As for the safari, Lynne's who is always stylish, has her outfits coordinated to the tee, and is a fashion blogger wrote a post about our safari shenanigans. Check out holland-amerika line to read her post!! The pictures she took are amazing!
Happy Wednesday!
xoxo E

. Cara box REVEAL - march .

It is that time again! Time for another Cara Box reveal post!! This is my 2nd time participating even though I took the month of February off, due to my schedule with school.

For those that don't know what a Cara Box is...follow this link to Wifessionals, and click on the Cara Box tab to learn more about this fabulous idea! In a nutshell, you basically get linked with 2 people, you send a box to one, and receive from the other. I for one LOVE getting mail that is anything but bills, and it is even better if it is a package!!

This months theme was to find things with your new friends first letter of their name. I was paired with Carissa from lillies & silk (who I made a box for) and with Jennifer from part of that world who sent me my amazing box for this month! Check out both of their blogs to see what they got from their matches!

Here is what I got in the mail..HAPPY MAIL DAY!! :)

My package!

Essie nailpolish..I love the color, totally Easter!

Eos lipbalm. I LOVE this lipbalm, and I actually just used all of mine, so this little guy came in handy!

Elle hair elastics...a girl can never have too many of these :) plus I always seem to lose mine. This started happening when a little kitten named Hazel entered my life...
Essence Eyeshadow.. I love these colors, they are perfect for my blue eyes

Eos hand lotion. I love the way this smells and feels, it absorbs really fast and it makes my hands super smooth.

All of my gifts and my card with encouraging words from miss Jennifer. I loved everything she got me. I'm so glad that I got to know these 2 amazing women!!
Go check out Wifessionals and remember to sign up for the April Cara Box!! You won't want to miss it!
I have some posts scheduled for this week, and I have seen some previews of my new blog design and I can't wait to share it with ya' looks amazing, its so me, I love it!
Happy middle of the week!!
xoxo E

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

. giveaway over at Brooklyn State of Mind .

Hey ya'll,

My bloggie friend Brandi is having a giveaway and I am one of the blogs that cohosted...YAY my first one!

Im so excited that she reached her goal of 500 followers in only 4 months! This girl has got it going on!! Go check out her blog, and don't forget to enter the giveaway, and win a $50 Sephora Giftcard, $25 to Pipley Vintage, a $25 giftcard to the store of your choice AND $50 in PayPal Cash!!! Who wouldn't love to win all this??

Ok, enough from me, go say hi to Brandi, and enter the giveaway!!!

xoxo E

Sunday, March 17, 2013

. 6 weeks .

Ya'll I can't believe its been 6 weeks! I decided to become a better, healthier me 6 weeks ago, and with that came a happier, more confident me. I started P90X at the same time. If you've read my post about life lately I had to take a week off of the workouts because of my new tattoo. So basically I have been eating clean with very few cheat meals for 6 weeks and I have been doing P90X for 5 weeks (almost done with week 5).

I am a little nervous sharing more pictures on here just because I don't want to be judged. Then I realized that those who are judging are probably not working out!

So for my results (which I track on myfitnesspal, the app). In 6 weeks I have lost 10.3lbs. I have lost an inch around my chest, waist, hips, and thighs so 4 inches all together. I am officially 1.2lbs away from my first goal weight, 10 from my next, and after that I no longer care. Its about feeling and looking healthy and not necessarily the number on the scale.

I don't have an updated picture for week 6, they only go up to week 5. I take weekly progress pictures because sometimes the change is small, but change is there regardless. So without further adieu here are the pictures

I'm not where I want to be, and I still have a ways to go. However, for only 6 weeks, I think I have made some good progress. Now, its not easy to post these pictures for the world to see, so please think before you judge. So far it seems like my clothes are definitely getting looser, pants can zip and button and that is a GREAT feeling!
I was looking for new workout clothes and I eventually found some great stuff at JCPenney, where I would have never looked if my sister didn't recommend it! It only cost me $40 for all of this!! 
I also got this awesome tank from a cute little store on Etsy...I love it, the material is soft and the shipping was super fast.

"Run with preserverence the race that is set before you" Hebrews 12:1

Im so excited to feel as healthy as I do. And for those wondering, I am not on a diet, this is a lifestyle change that I don't plan on changing. I have temporarily cut out sugars as a way to reset my tastebuds, but besides that, there is no dieting involved. I even said no to key lime pie tonight at a dinner proud of myself :)

To follow along with my journey, add me on Instagram @sprinklesontoast. I am set to private, but I will add you! I post way too many pictures on there so be ready!

Hope ya'll have had a great weekend!

xoxo E

Friday, March 15, 2013

. now on Bloglovin .

I am making the transfer to Bloglovin, so hop on over there and follow me.  I think something is changing with Google Reader but I am so swamped with homework that I didn't really look into what exactly it said. Most of my bloggie friends are making the switch so I figured, why not :)

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

xoxo E

Monday, March 4, 2013

. life lately .

Have you heard that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym! I put this to the true test this week, without even realizing it. Monday I got super excited because I entered week 4 of P90X..9 more weeks to go. I did my yoga, my Monday exercise...felt great!
On Tuesday I had class, an exam and then this happened:

"Don't quit before the miracle" - my FAVORITE saying!!
Once he finished I asked him if I could work out..the answer was no :(. I was sad to realize my working out was on a temporary hold. Rubbing my arm against anything, especially clothes was pretty painful for the first few days (no worries, this is not my first tattoo..I knew what I was in for). I didn't really think this one through when it came to the time of year..I had to wear tanktops the first 2 days because it was too sore to wear sleeves. Did I mention it was about 15 degrees both those days!! YES..dumb time to get it, my bad! Because I wasn't working out, it was time to test the saying below..

I have been on a pretty strict 'eating clean' regimen for the past 3 weeks and I have been working at my P90X at the same time. I was so nervous to gain some of the weight back that I worked so hard to work off. I made very smart eating choices and I tried to limit my sugar intake even more (I slipped up a few times). I am glad to say that in the 6 days that I didn't work out, I lost almost 1.5lbs!! I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it and eating super healthy and doing what was right.
I started at the new school gym today, planning on going Monday, Thursday and Saturdays with 2 of my friends from work. I'll still be doing P90X on top of that, so I'll have to up my calorie intake to stay within a healthy range.
On June 16th of this year, I'll be running my 1st 5k in Washington, DC - the Color Me Rad run!! I'm so excited and I can't wait to run it with my sister & aunt and perhaps some friends! I've never been much of a runner, so the couch to 5k has started and hopefully i'll be 5k ready for the race...I just want to have fun and finish, that's what its all about. In order to make running more fun, these babies joined my family :)
I'm pretty sure this is the first pair of Nike sneakers I've owned! They are super lightweight and cute :) and to top that off..they were on sale! Can't beat that!!
Now lets all go outside and RUN!!!
xoxo E