Tuesday, March 26, 2013

. "spring" break - aka winter, round 2 .

Ya'll..I honestly can't believe I survived my absolutely hectic, hellish 2 last weeks of school before spring break!!! I even passed my biology exam...barely, but I passed!

I decided that I needed to leave town and since I stayed and worked over Thanksgiving break, and only took 1 days off over Christmas break, I got the ok from my boss to leave for 2 entire weeks! I decided to drive down to VA to hang out with my sister, and my friends.

I've been having a blast being able to see the people I love and care about and just relax for the most part. I have been doing homework, because that way I won't have to worry about it when I go back home. So far on Saturday my sister, Lynne and I and 2 friends drove to the Natural Bridge Zoo, where there is a safari park! My love for animals, combined with pure excitement from being on vacation made for a great trip, and an amazing experience..until I got bit by a yak, but whatevs, the minor, MINOR injury was totally worth it. The safari was so much fun, it's getting a post all of its own with some pictures my talented sissy took.

As far as eating clean and healthy and continuing the 6 weeks to skinny jeans, that is also going to be a separate post. Its not easy to say the least, but I am learning how to manage and say NO!

Whoever realistically expected spring to start in March (uhm ME) is sadly mistaken. I left NY in a blizzard, but refused to drive without my sunglasses on..I was driving to my spring break destination for crying out loud. Eventually the sun came out and I even had to turn on my airconditioning to satisfy my panting pooch in the back seat.

Friday was a nice day, Saturday was a beautiful day and Sunday sucked. It started snowing...in southern VA mind you! About 3 inches fell...this is what our Sunday looked like

{tiny picture..sorry}
{it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't what I wanted to see on my spring break!}
Its beautiful, don't get me wrong. I have seen snow nonstop since November..I'm so over it!!! It's almost all melted now and I refuse to wear a coat outside. Its spring dammnit, and I am willing it to be warm-ish outside :)

I'll leave you with this beauty, who thouroughly enjoyed the car ride...as she does every car ride. Except the ones to the vet...she knows when we go to the vet.
And how about this little gem I found on my phone..
Attractive, no? Regular pictures weren't turning out, so this is what we settled for..
As for the safari, Lynne's who is always stylish, has her outfits coordinated to the tee, and is a fashion blogger wrote a post about our safari shenanigans. Check out holland-amerika line to read her post!! The pictures she took are amazing!
Happy Wednesday!
xoxo E

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