Wednesday, June 27, 2012

. work out Wednesday .

Ahhh...its Wednesday again. So here is my little update. I started Saturday with Ab Ripper was pretty hard, and my abs were sore until, well this morning. Which makes me feel good, because that means I actually did something.

Monday I got ready to start my first stint at the 30 day shred and lemme tell ya a funny story. I got my water ready, my mats and my weights ready and I got started. Now it must have been a combination of having absolutely no stamina, not having eaten anything all day and choking on my water...but I puked DURING A WORKOUT DVD...what the heck!!! I was shocked, turns out I need way more help getting healthy and I'm in much worse shape then I thought.

BUTTTTT... I did lose a little this week. I'm down to 153lbs as of this morning :) At least that was a little consulation to my incredibly embarrasing work out!

Lets hope I have a better week this upcoming week!
Happy Hump Day

xoxo E

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