Tuesday, May 15, 2012

. weekend recap .

Ahhh what a weekend!!

. saturday .

Saturday was my last day of work. I thought it would be a fun, easy day...boy was I mistaken! It was graduation day. With Liberty University being the biggest private Christian Universities, with 14.000 people graduating from both residential and online degrees...graduation was pure torture. I had to be at work at 7am, so I was smart and left 40 minutes early for my 20 minute drive. I managed to get to work 2 hours late!!! Traffic was completely gridlocked...it was horrible!

Laurel, my friend from work, and I had volunteerd to work at a seperate area for half the day...which turned into the whole day. The way these people looked at us while we cleaned the pews in an old church where the Law School graduated was horrible. They looked at us like we were complete trash, not worth anything. I don't EVER want to feel like that again!! And to top it off some girl stepped on my pretty foot with her heel and left a huge bruise...I think I'll live though :)

We got done around 330 and I said goodbye to everyone. I wanted to take a group picture but the girls were not having that idea...I think everyone was pretty much done after our long day of standing in traffic trying to go places and get home.

When I came home, I packed up some more boxes for my big move next Monday. I feel like I'm almost done...but there is always stuff left at the end when I think I'm ready. However, this time the apartment has to be empty and clean on Saturday!!

. Sunday .

Oh Sunday...I did absolutely nothing. I slept, woke up, napped, napped some more and just relaxed. I'm working on a cross stitch project that needs to be finished when my mom gets here Saturday so she can help me frame it. Gotta get busy!!

It was also mother's day. Izzie got me nailpolish from Essie that I have been oogling over!! It's called 'a cut above' and I love it! Izzie even let me polish her nail...yea, not nails, nail. I painted just 1 before she freaked out haha.

Well, there ya have it, my lame weekend! Next weekend will be more exciting with my parents coming into town Saturday, packing the Uhaul Sunday and moving up north Monday!! I'm so excited but also pretty nervous :)

xoxo E

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