Thursday, April 26, 2012

. Birthday weekend recap .

Happy 26th (jikes) birthday to me!!!!

Here is my weekend recap:

On friday I worked till 3 and felt like I really had to rush afterwards to get things done. My birthday dinner with my friends was at 7 that night and I still needed to find a dress when I got off work! I found an awesome Lauren Conrad dress at Kohl's that was the first (and only) dress I tried on and it was perfect!
My birthday dinner was so nice. My friend Ashley, that I met when I went to college in NY, moved to Virginia 3 weeks ago. She now lives 45 minutes away from me!! It was weird to have her in my apartment in Virginia..but it was so nice to see her and get to spend time with her! I sipped on some yummy cocktails during dinner, I had a cotton candy martini and a pear martini. Its been a LONG time since I had a drink :)

{I hate that there is no more i can't edit my photo's and make them lighter, BOO}

Ahh I slept in on Saturday! I love sleeping in so so much, but its getting harder because I'm getting used to getting up around 5am every morning. I think I just layed in bed and watched NCIS till around noon!! It was amazing! Lynne had a tattoo appointment and I decided to go with her...and hold her hand. She got this awesome bike on her looks so cool! Off course then I got hit with THE fever...the TATOO FEVER! I made an appointment at her tattoo place for next week Saturday....I cant wait that long! Sometimes...actually most of the time when I want something, I want it NOW!! So Lynne and I drove by my tattoo artist, and he was I got it then :) I love the way it turned out and what it represents!! Afterwards, Lynne and I ran some arrands and we tried to go to a JCrew outlet sale, however after standing in the rain for 45 minutes, we gave up. We had some pizza for dinner and then went to see Peter Pan. My sister is the assistant costume designer for Liberty University and they put on several profesional grade performances during the year. They have done Phantom of the Opera, Little shop of horrors, 39 steps, Ragtime, and Oklahoma (these are just some of the ones that I went to since my sister started working there a year ago). Peter Pan was definitely one of my favorites..the flying was amazing!

{Its a bee...and a memorial tattoo for my grandpa...and also, my 10th tattoo..jikes}
MY BIRTHDAY!! Didn't get to sleep in for too long, because we went for breakfast at 9am. My aunt and uncle live in Northern VA and they needed to get home to watch the Capitals play! My grandma also came to breakfast, as well as some friends from Canada and off course Lynne & Justin. After breakfast, I went home to take a nap...nothing like a nap on a rainy day with a sweet puppy!
{Her sweet little rain jacket from Target...I think I love it more then she does}

We decided to go to dinner early, around 4:30 because this place is ALWAYS busy! It proved the perfect time to go, no lines and great food :)
We had some time to kill before the movies, so we went back to the JCrew outlet sale and didn't have to stand in line :) I found a pink cashmier sweater, a white t-shirt, and a glittery short sleeved sweater...all for $50.40 I was SOOO excited! I also got a dress from Old Navy that will be perfect for my  Mary Kay parties! We then went to see 'This means war' with Reese Witherspoon. She is my favorite actress and the movie was pretty good...I really liked it!

Monday we celebrated my birthday at work. My amazing friend Laurel made my cake, which was sooo yummy! I got a big basket full of little goodies and a super sweet card! It made Monday a whole lot more enjoyable! :)

All in all I had a great birthday weekend. I succesfully spent way too much money and had too many calories! Luckily birthday's only come around once a year :)

How was your weekend?

xoxo e

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