I love my fur baby so much, I thought she deserved a separate section dedicated to just her.

Izzie was born June 8th 2008, in Fredonia NY to a pug father and a puggle (pug + beagle) mother. I laid down a pretty penny and brought this little nugget home {she was totally worth it!} when she was 6 weeks old.


{my laptop got stolen so these are the only pictures I have of Izz as a puppy..still breaks my heart!}
Even though I was in no way or shape ready for a puppy, God knew I needed a dog to get me through some troubling times that lay ahead. Izz and I are inseparable...we've only been apart a hand full of times in the past 5+ years.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of Izzie


Beautiful no? Love that face!
Do you have an {unhealthy} obsession with your fur children like I do? :)


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