Thursday, November 29, 2012

. keep the change coming .

Yesterday I changed my whole blog layout and even came up with a new name! Today I went a little drastic and did something I've not done before.

I needed something to change in my life. Seen as how my therapist told me I am not allowed to get any more tattoos (for now) that wasn't an option. I recently got this beauty, but it heals so slow, I don't wanna get anything else pierced :)

{its an ugly ring for 8 weeks and then it will be replaced by a little diamond stud}

So to do something different, I told my boss I wanted to dye my hair. She suggested auburn, because of my pale skin and blue eyes and I told her NO!! But then I started looking at some different pictures and it grew on me. My boss is a costmetology student and suggested I go there to get it done...$15 for a full color! Heck to the yea!! So this was me before....very blonde

                      {sorry about the instagram phone won't let me send picture emails??}

And the after:

It is actually a little darker than the picture shows. I LOVE IT!!! I think it looks natural still even though it's a drastic change. Its a good fall/winter color and I think I will stick with it for now. I might get highlights added next week because the girl ran out of time, but I haven't decided yet.
So..what do ya'll think??

xoxo E

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  1. Love this hair color for you! Hope it hasn't faded too much!!