Sunday, December 9, 2012

. Upper Crust Christmas party .

Hi ya'll!

It's almost Christmas!! I'm seriously so excited! Today we had a Christmas party at work, where we did some crafts and had a secret santa gift exchange. It was a blast! We got there and these beauties were waiting for us

How cute is it to wear matching pj's when your in your 20's! :)

We started doing some crafts (making Christmas ornaments) before breakfast was served. My boss came in especially to make each employee their own breakfast. I picked french toast, with home fries and darn good! Probably the best breakfast I have ever eaten..thank you Jim!!

I made these lovely crafts by myself..they all match (I've got a serious problem matching things)

{old sheet music modge podge ornament}

After the amazing breakfast, and craft time it was time for presents!!
These are some pics from the girls opening their gift!!

Then it was time for me to open my gifts!! I love how everyone knows each other so well...I love all my gifts!!!

{drink thermal cup}

{coffe cup earrings!!!}

{awesome glitter top}

{Kate Spade knockoff earrings!! Love these!!!}
All in all it was an awesome awesome day. I love all of my coworkers so much, we have all become really good friends. It's weird that all 12 of us get along as much as we do, but there really aren't any issues or any drama going on (Praise the Lord!!)
So here is to Allison, Brianna {not pictured}, Brittany, Colleen {my boss, not pictured}, Emily, Haley, Jenn, Jim {my other boss, not pictured}, Lindsey, Marisa, Meghan, Shawna & Tia {not pictured}
I love ya'll!

{fltr: me, Haley, Meghan, Allison, Shawna, Marisa, Brittany, Emily, Jenn & Lindsey}

What a great day, I'm feeling super blessed! God knew I really needed some good girlfriends after I moved back here!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

xoxo E

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