Sunday, November 23, 2014

.. 6 months ..

I cannot believe its been 6 months (and a week) since my dad and I left Virginia and arrived in Arizona after 5 days in the car. That feels like it was yesterday, and yet it feels like I have lived in Phoenix for much longer. Learning has been the main thing I have done in the last half year - learning a new (giant) city, learning a new job... and another new job, and learning how to do everything on my own again.

I feel at ease here. This city is huge, but I love my neighborhood and my surroundings. I love that my sister and brother in law are only 6 hours away (I went to visit twice... more on that later).

Here are a few things that I've learned in the last 6 months:

1. YES, its hot in Phoenix

2. While it gets scorching hot here, its not unbearable.

3. Drinking water is very important.

4. Don't go hiking in the summer... I went in October and it was barely doable

5. This is one of the easiest cities to get around since its all laid out in a grid

6. But... they forgot gutters! Major flaw when it comes to rain storms and leads to (major) flooding

7. NEVER cut your hair thinking it'll prevent you from overheating. It doesn't work and you'll regret it (trust me)!!

8. I love palm trees!
I have a great paying job and while it is not even remotely what I would like to do forever, it is good for now. The feeling of being able to pay all your bills, and have money left over to save and do fun things has been one that I've never felt before, and I love it.

It'll be time to decided if I want to renew my lease in January and it'll be a tricky decision. On one hand, I love it here and I feel like I haven't experienced all that Phoenix has to offer just yet. On the other hand, there are different places to explore and I don't know if I want to go and explore those while I can. I love being close to my sister and can't imagine living on the other side of the country, and I loved Los Angeles (and surrounding areas) more than I thought and I wouldn't be opposed to moving to Cali - granted I can find a job that pays muchos money so I can keep paying my bills :)

But guess what? I don't have to decide right now - I am loving life right where I am today!

Happy 6 month-a-versary Phoenix!!

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