Friday, February 10, 2012

. its been way too long .

Its been so long!!! I'm sorry guys, I have no internet at my house, and my phone won't let me write blog posts (if anyone knows why it does this or how i can change it...please let me know, its driving me bonkers!).
Here is a little update on my life:

- Last week Monday I got a call saying I got the job I had an interview for 2 weeks ago!!! YAY! It is a housekeeping job at Liberty University (the biggest Christian University) and I'll be cleaning a female dorm. Its not really a glamorous job, but steady pay and set hours are amazing. The added benefit is that after 6 months, my school will be paid for free, which means that finishing getting my bachelors will be so much cheaper!!!

- Today I met with my supervisor and she gave me a tour of the campus and showed me around. I start this upcoming Monday!!! I'll still be working at the restaurant, 2 nights a week. I love my coworkers, and I don't mind working there, plus it will be nice to have some cash.

- Valentine's day is quickly approaching. I'm actually working both jobs that day plus I'm single, so I won't be celebrating that much. What are your plans?

- I feel like such a grown-up. Ater 4 years of loyal vacuum broke! It just died. I went to Walmart and bought the exact same one, its cheap and lasted so long. I was so excited to use it, it was kinda ridiculous. Who knew that time came when I would get excited about a vacuum???

That's a little update and I should be posting more regularly from now on. Hopefully, I'll be getting internet soon!! My next post will be a tutorial on a button board...STAY TUNED :)

xoxo e

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  1. Oh, gosh! I do totally understand the vacuum-thing! When the old vacuum broke down, my roommate said she would buy a new one. After almost two weeks without one, I got mad and bought one myself. A cheap little thing which I love! :)
    By the way, your blog looks quite nice. I just started one myself almost 3 weeks ago. Have fun blogging!