Friday, February 10, 2012

. tutorial #1 .

Well, the time has come for me to post my first tutorial. My dear friend Britney, just had a little boy...Mr Hayden James. Instead of buying something I wanted to make her something that she could hang in his room. I love getting home-made gifts, and everyone seems to love getting them. So here is what  I came up with...I'm calling it a 'name button board'.
I went to JoAnn's and bought a plain wood board for my button board (I forgot to take a picture of it..oops)
I then painted it blue. Mr Hayden's bedroom was UNC themed, so the colors were dark blue, light blue and white.
On a regular white piece of paper, I wrote down how I wanted Hayden's name on the board. Once I got the one I liked, I put it on the piece of wood. Make sure the wood is dry...otherwise the paper sticks to it. I then with pencil, traced his name. This way a little imprint was left on my board, so I could see where to glue my buttons.
At JoAnn's I also found these little bags with buttons in it. The buttons were different sizes and shapes, and they weren't too expensive. For this project, I needed 2 bags of buttons.I also got a bag with little baby buttons, a teddy bear, a rattler and a little outfit, that I glued on later. I got hot glue on my fingers on multiple was tricky to get the glue on the tiny buttons, BUTTTTT I think the end result is adorable. I can't wait for more of my friends to have kids so I can make more :)

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!!

xoxo e


  1. LOVE THIS!!! Just in girls name is goin to be Adyson Gray & her room is going to be baby pink and grey!! ;)

  2. Great idea, it turned out really cute!