Thursday, July 18, 2013


I've been traveling back to the home country for the past 10 days. I got the trip as a present from my parents for graduation and it was so nice to be back home. I haven't been home in a year and a half and it was great to catch up on life with my family.

One of the many great things my sister and I did while home (besides helping my mom with work, celebrating my parents and my grandmothers birthday, and helping with a photoshoot), my dad (who is an awesome photographer. To see his website, click here) managed to get tickets for Amsterdam Fashion Week!

My dad was one of the photographers of Amsterdam Fashion Week last year and has some great contacts. This year, the first year my sister and I went, we saw 3 shows. The first was on Saturday by Claes Iversen, he had some great pieces of clothing and his work was very feminine.

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The second day of shows was Sunday and we went to two shows. The shows were from the same designer, but different collections. The first one; 2 Love Tony Cohen was awesome, super feminine and some of it looked ready to wear.
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Off course fashion week called for some fashion of our own. On Saturday I wore something I designed and made myself. I was so proud, it turned out exactly the way I had in mind, which doesn't happen that often.
{ my beautiful family + the dress I made }
{ getting out of the car that drove us to and from the parking gargage to a pretty red carpet }
I loved going to Amsterdam Fashion Week, it was a completely different world. It is fun to see how everything goes when you are there as opposed to seeing it on tv. Hopefully this won't be the last time I get to go :)


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  1. Oh, how exciting. I know you're having a wonderful time in Holland. I looked at your dad's website. His work is amazing!