Sunday, July 28, 2013

what I'm loving right now

Here is a quick little post while I finish the last few days of MY LAST UNDERGRADUATE CLASS EVER!!

1. HINT water

Sometimes I get bored of just drinking plain old water. Hint is water with a 'hint' (duh) of fruit. It has 0 calories, is vegan, gluten free, has no MSG and no preservatives. Their slogan? "Hint; drink water, not sugar." LOVE IT
2. Grey's Anatomy

While I'm searching for a job/career, I needed something to watch. My sister suggested Grey's Anatomy and what a great suggestion it was! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I think I watched until season 3 once before but there are 8 seasons so it will take me a while to watch them all. I highly suggest it, I'm hooked!

3. This shirt from h&m

Got this baby in the yellow and in white. Free shipping on the h&m website means shopping! They don't ship to America but with a lovely family in the Netherlands, I ship it there and my awesome mommy ships it over here :)

4. This brow pencil from Sonia Kashuk

I have naturally very light (invisible) eyebrows and after I dyed my hair I needed a good eyebrow pencil. I finally found a great one!! And this is not tested on animals :) I got mine in 'Taupe'

5. This rose gold watch from Tarjay

I love my new rose gold watch from Target. I have been getting a lot of rose gold jewelry lately, but this watch just goes with everything. Plus it matches the beautiful ring my parents got me for graduation

There ya have it. The 5 things I love right now. Happy Monday :)


  1. Oh these are so lovely. I need to drink water like that because I struggle with drinking plain water. Your mom picked out a gorgeous ring. I had heard of H&M, but hadn't realized it was a Swedish company. Thank goodness for mom. :-)

  2. One thing I love right now? YOU. You are gorgeous E! I'm so proud of you I hardly have words. My sweet sweet best friend who knows all my secrets. You are an inspiration. I LOVE YOU!