Sunday, February 10, 2013

. my journey to being healthy .

Ive never been really healthy. Why? Because I just don't care! I mean, if I was being totally honest, I rather have a donut (or 6) than work out and look good in a bikini. Seriously!

Then it wasn't about being thinner or eating less, it was about being the healthiest me I could be. With all the risks of heart disease, and diabetes, it is not worth it to me.

After I became a vegetarian, I found my endless list of fast-food places had considerably shrunk. I lived on rice, subway and eggs. No bueno!!

I was on the phone with my momma when I told her what I had in my pantry, and that I just didnt' know what to do with them. I didn't like cooking because it takes time, and you make things dirty, that you then have to clean. I had some beans in my pantry that a friend gave me and I just was lost as to how to use them. My mommy told me what I could whip up...this was the end result

I made a quesedilla with mozzarella cheese, pico, black beans and mashed avocado. On the side I made rice, tomato and red beans. It was so good, I wonder why I haven't had black beans before!
I have been watching numerous documentaries on Netflix...most of them on food. I've started to realize that I am not giving my body the proper nutrients that it needs, especially those I would usually get from meat. My body didn't look healthy, it didn't feel good either (I usually had tummy problems after I ate anything, it really didn't matter what it was).
I started researching clean eating and meal plans. Clean eating is basically eating things that are good for you, for your body, they are nutritiounous and yummy.
I printed off list after list. Basically my OCD got OCD and my life became organized...beyond organized. I have a food schedule, a workout schedule, and a life schedule. You read that right, a life schedule.

My schedules are everywhere. I have one in my purse, one on the fridge, and one in my bedroom. It tells me when to go to bed, when to wake up and most importantly, when to eat. Then I look at my eating schedule, and it tells me what to eat. I have been eating clean for a week as well as doing P90X. I make most of my meals the night before and put them in little containers so I have them ready, and I just have to prepare it. I've never done so many dishes at home, but, I'm feeling great.
I downloaded this app called Myfitnesspal and I LOVE IT! If you are looking for an app, I highly recommend this one. If you want to find me on there, i'm elisesandrina :)
I took my before pictures and I will continue to take pictures every week. It won't be as noticable after a week, but just for me, I want to see the progress I'm making. Eating healthy is much easier than I thought, and I don't know why I didn't start sooner! At some point in my life, my body, my healthy body will be what I carry my children in for 9 months. Why wait until then to become healthy...start NOW!
Can't wait to become the healthiest me I can be!! Please enjoy the random pictures to follow. If you want a recipe on any of these, just leave a comment or send me an email!
{ new workout shoes...$30 at Payless. Super comfortable! }

{ Mexican bowl }

{ veggie scrambled egg whites }

{ frozen banana peanut butter bites }

{ raspberry oatmeal }
{ healthy cookies - recipe will be on the blog shortly }

{ who is this girl..the girl who thinks working out 7 times a week is 'cutting back'?? Its the same girl that bought protein powder at walmart and is determined to make a change }
Ultimately this is not a weightloss journey. I don't really care how much weight I lose, muscle weighs more than fat. Its about the way my body looks and more importantly, how I feel.
Have a happy, healthy week!
xoxo E

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  1. So glad that you are eating healthy! I'm super proud of your achievements!