Friday, February 1, 2013

. last hopes & expectations .

I am so bad when it comes to writing blog posts when I say I am. Now this time it wasn't all my fault. You see, school has already sucked me into the dark abis :). Just kidding, but really school started this week and I am already swamped with work and feeling completely overwhelmed!

Once this semester is over, I will still need to take 3 summer classes in order to receive my diploma, however this will be my last 'real' semester.

I am taking some of the hardest classes I have taken so far. I am enrolled in Senior Seminar (a capstone class with 2 presentations and a research paper), Research Methods (feared by everyone! I have to do 2 presentations and also write a research paper and read a whole bunch of dry articles), Introduction to Biology (may not seem that hard to some, but I realized the last time I took biology was 14!!! years ago, and it was in Dutch. I've taken this same biology course with the same teacher 3 times and dropped it everytime because I got scared. Now I have no choice, haha. I will be getting a tutor), Social Analysis (enrolled because I like the teacher, one presentation, a paper every week and a final paper...but no exames, so that's a plus), and Mafia Hollywood Films (watching mafia movies for 3 hours a week, 7 take home exams, and a final presentation where we recreated a scene from a movie and put it on YouTube...sign me up!)
It doesn't seem too terrible, but most things are due in the same week. I have 2 presentations in the same week, and 2 of my major presentations are 3 weeks apart...I didn't think that all the way through.

Ha, ain't nobody got time fo that! But seriously, I don't think I'll be hanging out with anyone this semester, because between school and work I have no free time. It will be a surpise I get to see my babies :)

I cut my hours this semester, which is mostly due to my availability. I'm working about 25 hours a week, which will be my absolute max with my course load.

Spring break
I am intending to go visit Georgia in spring break. I've never been on spring break and I'm not planning on starting my final semester. I will be going down to visit Savannah for a few days to see how I like it and to see if I could see myself living there.

I am so proud to say that, despite everything that happened I raised my GPA from a 1.79 to a 2.02 in one semester which means I CAN GRADUATE!!! My parents are flying in from Holland, my best friend from VA is coming (we may, or may not be getting matching tattoos!!), my sister & hubs will be there, my aunt and uncle will prob be there and my grandma is going to try to make it. I am really praying that my opa & oma (Dutch grandparents) will be able to come! So it will be a party

This past semester I surprised myself with how well I did. I was so focused on my school work and I let nothing (besides some furry creatures) distract me from doing well in school. And guess what....I MADE THE DEANS LIST! I got a 3.50GPA, which is my highest yet. But off course, I am aiming higher. I would love to get a 4.0 this semester. You get a pretty certificate if you make the deans list, and I would like to do that twice, so both my mom & dad have one and I have frame off course!

Future plans
As of right now (which can change at any minute) I am looking into moving to Georgia. My plan is to not move from here until I have found a job elsewhere. Right now I am looking at criminal court clerk jobs...anywhere southern. If I find a great job in Georgia I will most likely move there. If I find the job of my dreams (which really, Lord only knows what that is), I will move wherever (as long as its warm really!). I am also planning on going to gradschool to get my master's degree.

Pfew...if you've made it this far you deserve an award!! I am so excited to embark on my last semester and be almost done with school...I still can't believe it and feel so blessed to be here each and every day. Prayers are answered and things work out the way they are meant to!

If I go MIA its because of school, but no worries I will be back :)

xoxo E

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  1. Mafia Hollywood Films class sounds awesome! Savannah is nice, hope you like it! Charleston, SC is cool too and Asheville, NC (near where I live).

    1. Yea Mafia Hollywood Films is fun, but the exams are kinda hard. I will really have to work for it. Ive never been to Savannah, but I am planning on going over spring break. Basically as long as my new town has will be perfect :)