Sunday, February 24, 2013

. what I've learned .

This is what I've learned during my short 3 weeks of eating healthy and working out: ...drum roll please...

1. What the heck clean eating is! That's a big one right here. I saw people talking about eating clean and I had not a clue what they were talking about. Instead of just asking, or heck Googling it...I just kept eating McDonald's and living the fat/unhappy lifestyle. Once I became a vegetarian I was afraid I wasn't getting enough nutrients in my body, the only precious body I'll have in my life {gotta treat it well!} Once I asked my friend, who was nice enough to explain it, I researched it some more and now I'm hooked on coloring my plate :)

2. Eating clean and healthy is not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. I would eat out because a) its faster b) its easier c) it would be cheaper than making dinner or whatever meal for myself. I despise cooking for one..its just annoying to modify recipes so I don't have to eat a certain food for 5 days straight.

Once I found this meal plan that I have been following, I realized that a) its easy to make your own food in small portions b) its really not that expensive to buy all healthy foods c) its nice to know what you'll be eating in advance, you can prepare your meals the night before. I usually prepare them the night before and put them in much faster and easier. I make a grocery list on Saturdays and right after I work I go to the grocery store and get my groceries for the week. I usually spend between $35 to $45 a week on food and it is mostly all vegetables and fruit..and eggs, lots of cage free eggs!!

{This was when I first started...looks much fuller now. It looks like someone actually lives in my house and eats on a regular basis!}

3. Changes in your body do not happen overnight. I mean if you work out you might notice some small changes, but don't expect to see major changes in a week. This can be discouraging because with everything we expect to see things NOW..not 90 days from now. Most of us, myself included, have no patience what so ever. Even though I know not to expect things to start changing or people to start noticing that I am eating healthy, losing weight and becoming toned, I take weekly progress pictures. I think this is the only way you will be able to see some change {at the bottom of this post I will post a progress picture...just one, don't get your hopes up :) }

4. Grant yourself an off day or a cheat meal. I work in a bakery and I used to have a chocolate chip scone every day I worked {4 days a week} and I cut that back to 0. I probably have the biggest sweet tooth of all, so I allow myself a little bit of sugar. I rather have one of our amazing chocolate chip cookies once a week than not allow myself any and then fall off the bandwagon and eat a dozen! My favorite cheat meal is a healthy sub from subway...totally worth the calories, and you can make them really colorful and healthy!!

Now I would usually NEVER do this! But if you want to start working out but are afraid your body will never be like the before/after pictures that you see online, here is some real life, unmodified pictures of a 2 week difference. Like I said, I eat really healthy and I work out 7 times a week. I will soon start swimming and once this darn snow goes away I will start running. I'm thinking about signing up for my first 5K in June!! I love how much energy I have and how I am so enjoying working out and feeling my body getting healthier!
So alas, without further is my before and after. I chose to do a back view, because I feel like this is where I myself noticed a difference.


Before: picture taken 2.3.2013

After: picture taken 2.17.2013

It won't let me put them side by side but I think you can still compare them. I can totally tell a difference and I jumped in joy when I saw that my hard work is paying better motivation than that! It is thoroughly embarrassing to put these pictures on the Internet, but the thing is that at least I am doing something about it. I could sit and pout and eat junk food and feel bad for myself, but I'm working my butt off to get these results. P90X is where its at :)

Hope this gets someone motivated to get off the couch and get their butt in shape..summer is quickly approaching!

xoxo E


  1. It's great that you are taking time to focus on yourself and what you are eating. I believe that what we put in our bodies is directly related to what comes out (and I don't mean in the bathroom!). When we're eating better we have more energy. When we have more energy we're typically in better moods. Better moods equals higher productivity!! See it all links! I'm excited to continue to follow and support you during this time!

    1. Thank you so much Shana!! Its so true about what you put in your body, if you don't put crap in you won't feel like crap! I have so much energy and I overall just feel great! Thank you for your means a lot! :)