Friday, January 25, 2013

. ice ice baby .

So I have basically been complaining about winter and being cold since, well October :)
I was born to be Southern, and live in a warm state. Well I had no clue what was coming. This past week we have been hit with bonechilling cold temperatures, and let me tell ya..its COLD!

I have been taking 2 showers a day, just to get cold. I have to dig out my car every morning, and after my shift at work I have to dig it out again. Izzie refuses to go outside even when wearing her winter jacket. I had a day off Tuesday and all I did was bundle up, layed in bed under the covers and kept warm. I even ordered pizza to be delivered :)

Because I'm close to Lake Erie, the windchill is crazy cold. Monday there was a windchill of -16 and Tuesday it was -10. Today it has been lingering at 3..still really cold. I took some pictures so I can remember what 'cold' is when I live in the South and complain when it gets to be in the 40's.

I think it just looks cold! Hope ya'll are staying warm wherever you are!!

With school starting Monday I am going to try to post M-W-F, and have them scheduled in order to not lose my mind and to make sure I remember about my little slice of the internet.

Next weeks blog schedule:
M - CARA BOX REVEAL!! (so excited for this one)
W - My last semester, hopes & expectations
F - Netflix favorites

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo E


  1. Sounds freezing!! It is snowing here a little. Love it! Your house is beautiful! :)

    1. It was! I just rather not go anywhere. Thank you, I love my house. It's sad I have to sell, but I need to live in the south for at least a few years :)

  2. Come and live with me in australia!!!! It doesn't get colder than like 5degrees in the winter! Its like 25 now!!!