Saturday, January 5, 2013

. my first GIVEAWAY!!! .

The time has come lovies!!! Its time for my first little giveaway!

Ok so here is the scoop. My blog is embarrasing to me. I have tried to do the whole design your own blog, but changing all those codes is hard! It honestly looks aweful!! The only reason why I haven't paid someone to re-vamp my little blog is because I can't seem to settle on a name for my blog....lets face it, I've changed the name 3 times and I've only been blogging for a year!

I am giving one lucky winner $15 worth of E.L.F make-up!!I have just recently started using their products and I am in L.O.V.E! It's all so cheap ($15 will go a long way!) but really great quality. In order to win this awesome prize, all you have to do is come up with the winning blog name. So take some time, read my previous posts, get to know me (if you don't already do) and think of something creative. You need to enter by leaving a comment below and you can enter as many times as you like!
I will let ya'll know what new blog name I end up chosing

I am so excited to see what ya'll come up with! Let re-naming the blog begin!

xoxo E

(ps. for some reason blogger won't let me upload any pictures. Anyone else having this problem?)


  1. Ok... So have the same problem with my blog. I don't know how to make mine cute and I can't settle on a name either. UGH.

  2. @kellanMorris I know! I have found a girl to do my blog design. I really thought I could do it by myself, but I honeslty have no clue what I'm doing. I figured this would be a great way to get some good suggestions and give away some free make up!

    1. Love the new name! Ahh!! :)
      Does the girl doing your blog have a website?
      I guess when I get more followers... One day... I'll pay someone to do mine. Until then, I'll stick with a jank lookin' blog! ;)

  3. Hi sweet thing! I LOVE your blog! I read it tonight and wanted to offer some creativity!:)
    I know you're doing a giveaway, but really, I just want to support my BFF! Haha. I'll come up with more for sure, these are just some thoughts I had while trying to fall asleep! LOVE YOU!! So proud of you:)

    "Life's Little Victories" - A positive spin on every day occurrences!

    "Sprinkles on Toast" - I read this is a Dutch thing, haha... Though have no clue if you have done it! But thought it might be a cool blog name:)

    "Waar het hart vol van is, stroomt de mond van over": 
"What fills the heart, will flow from the mouth." - Obviously, your interpretation is probably more accurate!

Snuggle With a Puggle!" - I just thought this was cute and should be used somewhere in your blog:)

    "Puggles, Pastries and Pink" - Totally your life right now!

    "From a Dutchess to her Devotees" - Devotees meaning friends and readers!

    Let's talk soon! Love you to the moon and back!

  4. Here's a few options I came up with! Some may be a little too creative (sorry, I kind of let my brain unleash!)

    "Life as E Knows It"

    "Pink Poppies"

    "The Fairly Pink Life"

    "Pink Puggles" (I had to!)

    "Pinks & Pearls"

    "The Pink Lady"

    "Tulle, Chiffon, Pink"

    "Pinky Promise"

    "Pink Frocks"

    "Peachy Pink"

    "Pink Tutus"

    My brain is officially fried and empty. Hope this helps for inspiration. Love you!!!!

  5. Okay, sweet daughter here come my suggestions:

    My Puggle and me
    My Odessy
    Niet waar? N'est-ce pas?
    Bon Ton - meaning good style
    The Element of Elise
    Elise's Eloquent Musings
    Elise's Elaborations

    Love you and hope this helps!

  6. The Pug Diaries or Puggle Diaries
    Baked & Wired
    Sincerely, E
    pink & proper

  7. Hi this is Meagan :)

    'As Told by E.'