Thursday, September 12, 2013

FF - work edition

ITS FRIDAY!!! I'm excited that it's Friday ya'll! I'm so blessed to have found this awesome job but it is challenging to get back into the work mindset after lounging around for 10 weeks. My first week was perfect, everybody is super nice. I'm really excited to be working for this company and I can see myself working here for quite a while, God willing. 

Because this week was an adjustment period and I have seen my photographer sister for about 20 minutes this whole week {tech week at her job..don't ask. She gets to work at maybe 10ish(?) in the am and returns in the other am!} so no 'professional' pics were taking. HOWEVER, seen as how I switched providers and got my very first iPhone on Sunday, pictures were most definitely taken!!

Day 1! Eeek, I was so nervous but I felt really confident in my outfit and that definitely made a big difference!

shirt - Target
skirt - H&M

Day 2:

Dress - Target
Cardigan - Old Nay
Shoes - Cosmpolitan (sold at JCPenney) 

Day 3:

shirt - Joe Fresh (sold in select JCPenney stores)
blazer - hand made
black skinnies - Old Navy

{LOVED this outfit!!}

Day 4:

polka dot sweater - Target
skirt - H&M
shoes - Sole Society

Day 5! First week of training is complete! 

dress - J.Crew
shoes - Payless

I can't believe I've been in training for my new job for a week! This week has honestly flown by!! Once this next week flies by, my MOMMY will be here!!! 

I love having a job where I can wear whatever I wish. Someone once told me to 'Dress for the job you want, not the job you have'. For the past week I have really made sure to dress appropriate, fun but still professional. I will be hard to resist spending my entire paycheck at work, but I shall refrain :)


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