Sunday, September 8, 2013

first impressions

Today is my first day at work..EEK I'm so excited for this new opportunity and to see where it will take me! Last week all the new people in my 'class' had orientation. This was one of the times where first impressions were everything.
Per company policy, I can't specify where exactly I work but from what I can tell it seems like a great company to work for. Today was orientation for a group of the new employees. I start my actual training on Monday and will be in training for the next 4 weeks.
Off course, said orientation needed a stellar outfit...first impressions are everything! Instead of buying something, I decided to make a dress for the occasion and I'm SO glad I did!

{absolute worst part about making clothes - taking things out!}

{instagram cut my feet off but I was wearing nude pumps}

{ Necklace is from Baublebar }

{ Dress is Newlook Workroom #6070 made with a cotton sateen fabric }

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