Monday, September 2, 2013

weekend getaway

This was just what I needed. A little time away. I feel as if I'm going to go stir crazy sitting at home applying for jobs days in and day out.

My sister and my good friend Meagan moved to CA and was home for a weekend. Great excuse to go visit southern VA for a fun filled weekend with friends {this was a few weekends ago}.

We left on Saturday morning to make the two and a half our drive down south. It was a fun car ride, with 6 people piled into the car. It was nice to hang out with people and catch up with them. The day was filled with lots of fun, and lots of fruit pizza making! {we made 5!} I'm so glad I learned how to make fruit pizza. I'm sure my body is not though :)

Meagan's parents threw a barbeque party since Meagan can't come home that often. It was a blast, there were so many people there! After the barbeque, we played some slip and slide kickball. Now, when I first heard kickball I thought they meant dodgeball?? To me that sounded dangerous, like break a bone dangerous {I don't have health insurance so breaking a bone would NOT be a good thing}. I didn't want to be a dud and not play, and when I helped set up I realized it wasn't dodgeball, it was more like softball...without a bat!

It turns out, I am kinda good at kicking a ball with my right leg {I'm left handed and usually left footed}. I even got a home run! I can't remember the last time I had this much fun. A grassy area is a must because this game needs to be played again soon!

Here are some pictures!

{bad picture but this was our 'field' with 4 bases}

Love these girls!

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