Friday, August 30, 2013

FF - pajama edition

Ok, this is not really a pajama edition, but I must confess that I have no actual fashion pictures this week. I know, bad me! My photographer/sister is on vacay and I just forgot. It always surprises me how fast Friday rolls around. I do have some pictures to share with you. With not a whole lot going on in my life, I find it hard to actually get dressed. But I managed to put some cute things together this week

Exhibit A.

shoes - payless
mint pants - JCrew
polka dot sweater - Target

& Exhibit B. 

shoes - department store in Holland
pants - Rockstar Skinnies from Old Navy
shirt - TJMaxx

The rest of the days that I don't get dressed I look like a slob, either wearing this:

shorts - Buckle {old}
sweater - Fredonia State bookstore :)

Or, even worse, I wear this:

pajama pants - Joe Fresh
tank - Old Navy

The life of the bored is nothing short of that...boring! But PTL I have my orientation for JCrew on Thursday! I can't wait to put together outfits and dress cute for work, FINALLY wearing something other than sweats and pajama pants :)

Happy Friday

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