Thursday, August 1, 2013


That's what I have...absolute freedom. I am in my (ahem, upper) 20s, single and the whole world is open, well not the whole world, but you get what I mean.

I just graduated, am currently not employed and I live with my sister. I am not tied to anyone right now and I don't feel like there is somewhere specific I should be. I can literally throw a dart at a map and move to wherever I throw. Now, I have some restrictions to my preferred destination. It needs to be warm, preferably all year around, and there needs to be no snow. I've lived in the north pole (exaggerated but still) for 4 years, and I'm over it.

There are not that many times in life that we find ourselves completely free. I'm starting to realize that I should take this opportunity and run with it. I can do whatever I like, move wherever I want and be whatever I desire. That is an awesome feeling. There must be people who are in relationships or marriages and feel restricted, like they have no freedom. I will grab this freedom and run with it as fast and as far away as I can!

Even a year ago I wouldn't have 'wanted' this freedom. I wanted to be married and have babies NOW!! I'm learning that there is no need to rush things I can't control anyway. I want to do spontaneous things, and move places that are far away. Why should I settle to live in a tiny town with no real future, when I can live literally wherever I want to? I shouldn't, and I won't! I'm so excited for this adventure and I'm starting to realize how rare it is to have this opportunity in life. If I stay here, I will surely regret it later. When I'm married, have 2 kids and spend my days covered in spit-up, I don't want to regret not using the freedom I was given. There are many areas I'm considering moving to, none of them are set in stone (a post about that will be up later). I can't wait to explore new things, make new friends, and live somewhere awesome :)
So cheers to freedom, cheers to doing what we want to do for ourselves while we have the chance to, and cheers to finding freedom even if we have people that rely on us and that we rely on. I can't wait to be in a committed relationship / marriage, but for now I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to enjoy this freedom.

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  1. Happy for you :)and everything will fall into place when you are ready for it :) xx Steph