Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Class of 2013

EEK!! This past Friday I handed in my last assignment for my very last undergraduate class EVER! I'm officially part of the class of 2013!

I'm now waiting to receive that pretty piece of paper in the mail, my bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice with a minor in sociology (sounds so cool!). They better not bend it! :)

Here are some of pictures of my graduation that my dad (the photographer) took. Enjoy :)

{ clearly excited to graduate :) }

{ realized that I made my cap upside down when looking through these pictures!! I'm so bummed now because I wish I would have realized it earlier. I'll have to remember this for when I get my next degree ;) }

{ the fam, ltr: aunt, sister, dad, me, mom, brother in law }

{ these two scare me :) }


I will take a picture of my diploma when it comes in, and post it on instagram (@sprinklesontoast)! I had such a great time at graduation, it was over so fast that I forgot to enjoy walking across the stage. Maybe next time when I get my next degree (Master's anyone?) I'll remember to walk slowly, keep my head up, enjoy, and glue glitter on my cap the right way!

Happy hump-day!

{All pictures were taken by Wim van der Stelt and are posted with his permission. Anyone who would like to use these pictures for themselves should get permission from the photographer personally.}

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  1. It's nice having a photographer dad because they're never shamed to go all the way to the front if necessary to capture the images they want. #priceless