Tuesday, August 20, 2013

call me crazy

I'm that crazy dog lady you hear people talk about. You know, the one that babies their dog, and pretends they are actual children! That's me

I have always thought that I would have babies by now. The fact that I'm single, have no babies and my clock is loudly ticking away is making it impossible for me to not baby Izzie. I've treated her like a child from the moment I got her, the silly voice, the abundance of dog toys, and the fact that she sleeps in my bed, under the covers with her head on the pillow. All of this screams BABY!

Here are some photographic examples

Example 1. Birthdays aren't complete without a birthday card, accompanied by a birthday cupcake (with no frosting), and gifts. It sometimes includes a party hat/crown

{turning 3}

{turning 4}

{turning 5}

Example 2. If a store allows, Izzie sometimes comes shopping with me

Example 3. Clothes. What girl does not have clothes? So far for Halloween, Izzie has been a bunny, an inspector, and a cow. She also has other clothes

{winter sweater}
Example 4. Transportation. Izzie enjoys luxurious car rides where she is in her doggie hammock in the back seat or sits on my lap while watching traffic

Example 5. The last example. When it's time to go night night, she circles around, pushes the covers up with her nose and snuggles really close to me...I love it! {now all I have to do is find a guy who won't mind!}

{she is clearly living the life!}

I don't care that people think I am crazy for treating Izzie the way I do. Frankly, dogs are pets, they love people. What is the point of having a dog if you have him/her chained outside all day long? I don't think there is anything wrong or weird about the way I treat Izzie. The way I treat her will somewhat change when I have a child, and I'm ok with that. I'm not sure if Izzie is, but she would love a baby, she loves all children. 

I love my dog, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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