Friday, June 27, 2014

House to home

In light of the last blog post I wrote, I have decided to start a new mini series. This isn't going to be one where I post about it each week, but rather, once a room is completely (or almost completely) finished. I shall call this new series 'house to home' - my quest to make my apartment and any place I live feel like home the instant you walk through the door.

While my home still feels relatively temporary, I have found some cheap pieces that are making it feel more welcoming and overall make my bare-ish apartment feel decorated to a certain degree. I bought the cute pillow above at Hobby Lobby - which is where I will be spending a chunk of my paycheck! Holy decorating heaven!! I also got some wicker storage baskets from Ikea (I live 5 minutes from Ikea - could be dangerous!) for Izzie's toys.

I'm so grateful that my dad helped purchase some of the furniture pieces I sold before leaving Virginia such as a dining room table + chairs, and a tv stand, amongst others. Without some of these things, my house would have looked completely empty!

I redid an old, ugly dresser from goodwill. I sanded and repainted it and LOVE the way it turned out. Since I got a feel for it, I have been looking for more pieces of furniture to redo - I'm currently hunting for a dresser for in my bedroom! I will be building a headboard this weekend, and am also searching pinterest to find a cool coffee table to make. How neat is it to have things in your house that you can say you made, or redid? I'm also in desperate need of a pallet...anyone know where I can get one free / relatively cheap in Phoenix?? Can't wait for all my projects to come to life!

{my mom made me aware that one of the pieces of hardware on the bottom drawer are upside down - no worries, it has since been fixed, I just haven't had a chance to take another picture!}
Throughout the series, I'll try to post some tutorials of the DIY (do it yourself) projects that I have tackled. I just finished a hand dyed, ombre, ruffle shower curtain that was a much bigger sewing project than I anticipated but I am so excited to share the final results with you!

So here we go...from house to home!! Follow me on Instagram @sprinklesontoast for the latest updates on my #housetohome adventure!


  1. Ziet er leuk uit Elise,je douchegordijn was ook al zo'n snoepie geworden...
    Erna x