Monday, June 30, 2014

Hup Holland Hup

{I was given permission to use this picture by Lynne from Holland-Amerika line}

I couldn't care less about soccer, but once the World Cup of soccer rolls around, I become a little more patriotic towards my tiny, soccer loving country. The Dutch are probably the most all around awesome sports fans...we go all out! There is orange...everywhere, and everyone participates. There are orange streets, orange baked goods, orange shirts, hats, and even animals participate in dressing up!! Here are some pictures for you to laugh at :) {No images are my own - they are all from Google, unless otherwise specified}

Yup, we support out team - what can I say. I'm sad I don't have an orange shirt to wear the next time they play since they are in the semi finals. I'll rock some orange if they win the world cup ;)

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