Thursday, June 12, 2014

I've got a gypsy soul...

When I moved to Virginia last year right after graduation, I wasn't planning on staying there. I went down to visit Wilmington, NC - a place I thought I wanted to call home. The trip I went on with my sister was a complete bust and it left me feeling hopeless and lost. My sister and brother in law graciously offered me a place to stay until I figured things out - needless to say, neither myself nor Lynne and Justin expected that to last for 11 months!

After 10 long weeks of unemployment, I found a job I grew to love. But all the while, I felt stuck and out of place in small town VA. I looked for places that were warm, Georgia came up and so did Florida, but I had a hard time finding a job. All of the sudden, I thought of Phoenix, Arizona. It has everything I like - heat, heat, palm trees, big city, and more heat. I applied for hundreds of jobs and finally got word back for an interview. Lynne and I booked our tickets and were ready to head to the West Coast!

9 Days before my interview, I got an email stated it had gotten cancelled. Since I already booked my ticket and couldn't get my money back, Lynne and I decided to go anyway and apartment hunt in both Phoenix for me, and LA for her and Justin.

I fell in love with Phoenix and on a whim stopped by a retail clothing store and got a job! I planned to move out there right after graduation. I graduated on May 10th, and I moved May 13th! It was a hectic few days, and it took my dad and I almost 5 days to drive the 2500 miles to Arizona.

I have been here almost a month and I LOVE IT! I love where I live - near South Mountain. The heat can be a lot to handle and I may or may not have gotten dehydrated several times, but I am really enjoying all the aspects of Phoenix. I haven't made many friends yet, but that will come.

For the first time, I am living somewhere where I feel at home and I don't feel the need to move again (that has never happened before!). God really intended for me to live in Phoenix and I am so glad I finally found a place that I can call home - for now ;)


  1. Lieve Elise, wat een leuk verslag over het begin van je nieuwe leven. Ik hoop, maar weet ook zeker, dat je hier in Phoenix helemaal gelukkig wordt. Ga er voor meissie...
    Liefs en alle geluk uit Amsterdam
    Erna x

  2. Oh, I'm so glad that you enjoy your new city. I'm sure that you will find friends there in due time. I've never been to AZ before but I have been to NM and I loved it out there in the Southwest. Enjoy!