Monday, July 2, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 3 films .

Here are 3 of my favorite movies!

1. Twister. Such a classic. I love this movie and I can probably say every line...made me want to be a storm chaser haha. That desire didn't last too long :)

2. Titanic. I also think this is a classic. It was such an amazing movie to see, granted I saw it in the beginning because I was drooling over Leonardo DiCaprio...but who wasn't in the 90's?? Now when I see it, its more then him, its the whole story. I came back from vacation recently and my family and I visited Nova Scotia where some of the bodies from the titanic are burried and they have a little Titanic exposition. Its very intersting and the movie did such a good way representing what it was like

3. Legally Blonde. I know this movie isn't a classic or has anything to do with history. But the story behind it all is great, and I love this movie. Maybe because Elle and I have a lot in common...blonde hair, love for pink, and the love for our dogs. Call me crazy, but this is one of my favorite movies.

These are (for now, until a new good movie comes out) my 3 favorite movies. Stay tuned for # 2... songs.

xoxo E

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