Tuesday, July 17, 2012

. Tuesday travel's .

I have been traveling a ton in the past few days, and today I will be driving to Front Royal, Virginia to hang out with my aunt, uncle and their animal clan :)

It should be a short drive, about 2.5 hours from where I am now. I'm excited to be hanging out with my aunt, we have an awesome relationship, and I love my uncle...they are a perfect match. They have 2 dogs, Eli and Ella who are amazing (Izzie and Eli are actually boyfriend & girlfriend).

So, because I'm traveling today and most of Wednesday (going back to NY) and am out of slightly more interesting stuff to say, I figured I'd introduce you to Izzie's friends & family :)

This is Eli...Izzie's boyfriend. He's a black lab and super smart!

What a stud!

This is Ella, Eli's sister, and Izzie's friend. She's a mix of a whole bunch of stuff, with the best personality!

And then there's Phoebe..or phoebs. She is my sister's dog, Izzie's cousin. They were born about 2 months apart, Phoebe in April and Izzie in June. They were together a lot growing up and they love each other and play all the time. They are more sisters then cousins...aka, they fight all the time. But its more a playful fight. They might not like each other at times, but they'll always love each other!

Phoebe as a puppy, so cute!

Phoebe, all grown  up

They go on mountain hikes together (excuse the sweaty, no make up picture..this hike was no joke!)

They go swimming together

And like to go for car rides together.

These 4 dogs together are a full on wolf pack :). At first I was scared having a small dog, but Izzie hold up pretty good with big dogs. I honestly don't think she knows she's super tiny compared to them and weighs next to nothing haha.

I love watching them play and I'm glad we have dogs that all get along and have a great time together! Izzie is excited to see her boyfriend and friend today and we will be going down to my aunt's river to tire her out...I expect her to sleep the whole way home!

xoxo E

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