Friday, July 13, 2012

. VA roadtrip .

Ahhh, I'm back in Virginia! It might just be for a long weekend, but I am SOO excited to be here! My friends are getting married tomorrow, they are the most precious couple and I can't wait to see them say I DO :)

So my drive was supposed to take 9 took me 13.5 to get here! Why you ask? I worked from 6pm until 3am (way too long to be at McDonalds if you ask me!) and I went home, took a shower, got ready, packed up Izzie and headed out. It was nice to leave around 4am because my parents are 6 hour ahead so they were already awake...and Lord know's I needed them!

I started driving on the thru way and my car started shaking really bad. Now it did that the other day when I took it in to get fixed. I got a letter saying a part in my car was being recalled and I needed to get it fixed and I asked them to see why my car was shaking. They told me that Sears gave me a bad tire, they handed me a sheet with a graph and some words I've never seen before on it and I guess that it showed that Sears had to give me a new tire...go figure!

Well the shaking was horrible. I had to have both hands on the wheel at all times because I thought I was going to lose contol of my car if I didn't have both hands on it because it wasn't just shaking it was kind of swaying back and forth...really strange. I called my mom and told her and I asked her to call my dad to check and make sure this wasn't really dangerous, I mean my tire wasn't just going to fall off...right??

My dad told me he rather me not drive on the PA turnpike with all the truck and it being a narrow road and my car swaying like I was in a hurricane. So he told me to go find a place to get it fixed...uhm dad, its 5am. Nothing was open. So I opted to keep driving, 10 miles under the speed limit for safety and find a place along the way. My mom found a Pep Boys and she made an appointment online for 8am. I got there around 7:30am, so I didn't have to wait to terribly long for them to open. They went and checked out my car right away and even took it for a drive to feel it shake.

Now in the mean time, I have to entertain a puggle who won't just sit still or lay down. No she needs to be carried, or walked or something to keep her occupied. We circled the building and the store....exhibit A (there is no exhibit B..I just felt like saying exhibit A)

{ Princess Stinky getting driven around the store }

Turns out when I got my brand spankin new tires a month and a half ago, the nice people at Sears balanced 3 tires....too bad there were 4!! My front left tire wasn't balanced and that was what was causing the shaking. $22 car was fixed and we were on the road again!

I swear someone came to my house when I was at work and switched Izzie for some other dog who whines a lot. Izzie loves car rides, once I get to a steady pace, she falls right asleep and whines maybe once during the 9 hours to go potty. She would NOT STOP whining almost all 13 hours!!! I don't know what was up, but I know we stopped over 10 times so she could go potty...which means sniff every piece of gras to only pee 2 drops!

It went by pretty fast, but at the end I was just done for. I took a nap in the backseat of my car in a McDonalds parking lot, gotta stay safe, but once I got close I got exhausted. I'm pretty sure that for a tiny mili second I might have closed my eyes on accident while driving. Its by the grace of God that I made it safe today between all the things going wrong!

So 2 lessons learned today:
1. Don't drive when you have had maybe 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days
2. Don't plan a road trip on Friday the 13th..nuff said

Hope you've enjoyed my shenanigans! I'm hoping for a less adventurous trip back :)

xoxo E

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