Sunday, July 1, 2012

. 10 day you challenge: 4 books .

Here is my 4 books. I had a hard time with this one because I don't read books, so its more by author, and genre and not always a specific book

1. True Crime (genre). When and if I read, this is mostly what I read. I think I have over 25 true crime books, and most of them have the pictures in the middle. Some of my favorites are "who killed my daughter', by Lois Duncan, and "murder in Greenwich" by Mark Fuhrman.

2. Robin Cook (author). His books are amazing, they are best described as medical thrillers. Some of my absolute favorites by his are: Outbreak, Chromosome 6, and Toxin.

3. Iris Johansen (author). This book was suggested to me by a customer of mine a long time ago. The first book of her's I read, I couldn't put it down (that hardly never happens!). So far I've read a few of her books and my favorites are: Dark Summer, and Eve, Quinn, and Bonnie. The last three books are a part of a series...they are unbelievable.

4. The 10th Justice by Brad Meltzer (book). This is actually the most recent book I read. I was reading it on our great Canadian adventure and it was surprisingly amazing! I could not put this book down and there were some surprising twists...I loved it

There ya go, my 4 favorite books/author's/genre's. Be back with #3 favorite films

xoxo E

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