Thursday, July 5, 2012

. throwback Thursday .

Remember when:

I brought home baby Izzie :)  (2008)

Eek, this day was a long awaited day for me. I had thought about adopting a puppy and looked when I was home for the summer, and I found the perfect one...she was a king Charles cavalier, unfortunately she had a very hefty price tag and I would have to fly around the world so that was too expensive. When I came home after summer, I still had a month before school started. I got stood up by this guy I talked to all summer long and then seemed like the best time to start looking. I went to the pet store to ask how I could get a puppy (I had no idea where to even start looking for one, maybe that was a sign I wasn't ready). They suggested I buy the local news paper and look for an ad. There was only 1 ad for puggle puppies

Funny side story, when I lived in NYC in 2005, I cut out an article about puggle's and how popular they became and what they were and stuff. Funny to think that 3 years later I adopted a little one...she was meant to be mine :)

Well, I called the people and they had 2 little girls left, that was all I wanted..a girl. So I got their address and a drive that should have taken me maybe 10 minutes, took me 45 minutes (another sign that I wasn't ready maybe?). Once I got there they picked up one of the girls and she was the cutest...she licked my nose and fell asleep in my arms. I asked them how much she was and then left to go to the ATM and run to walmart to get a collar for her. And then it was time to take her home!!

{ baby izzie, 6 weeks old 3.5lbs!! }

When I got her home the reality set in. I just paid a lot of money for this tiny creature and was totally unprepared!! All I bought her was a collar...and she needed so much more then that! I went back to the pet store and I bought so much stuff it was almost as expensive as Izzie was.

It was so much fun to play with her all day. Night time turned to be quite the challenge. I set up her crate and got it all comfy for her. She whined and whined and I tried to tough it out, but i would take her out and lay her on my chest so she could feel my heart beat to comfort her and it worked. She would fall back asleep and I would carry her to the crate and she would sleep for an hour or two and whine again. I think I did that twice, and from there on out, she slept in the bed with me...and still does (tiny confession: we spoon, she's baby spoon and I'm big spoon)

According to the Legally Blonde trivia track it costs over $14.000 to raise a dog..jikes! She's the cutest and I cannot imagine my life without her! She has been with me thru my darkest days and will lick my tears when I cry, which makes me smile :)

It gives me such anxiety to think something would happen to her, and I rather not think about it. In my opinion Izzie will never die, and it makes life a lot better!

I took millions of pictures of Izzie when she was a puppy, and I loved going thru them on my computer. The first day of spring break I drove down to VA to spend time there, I got there at 5am. I parked my car in my sister's driveway, behind the house. When I got up I went to grab something from my car and I thought it looked funny but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I stood in the backyard with my mom when it hit car got broken in to!!! In the midst of getting to VA after a 9 hour drive, I forgot to lock my car doors and someone took my laptop, my navigation system and my camera. I called the cops and they sent someone to take fingerprints, but I never got my stuff back. Looking at the pictures of baby Izzie made my heart melt all over again and now all I have is 2 pictures that I posted online on a puggle website. It makes me so sad and I think about it all the time...I will never get those pictures back.

All in all, its been an amazing 4 years with Izzie...on July 21st I became a doggy mommy. It's been a wild ride, but I love her. She's the cutest and there isn't really any denying it!

We shall proceed with the doggy photo dump:

{ baby Izzie playing with the cord of my camera }

{ Izzie in her doggie hammock, in the backseat }

{ driving her favorite past time }

{ graduated from Puppy Class! }

{ sleepy time }

{ this is what happens when you leave a full trash bag laying around...doggie heaven }

{ She LOVES her peanut butter }

{ It's love }

There is the story of how Izzie came into my time of my life :)

Xoxo E

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  1. some absolute great pictures of Izzie! Just love them!